Tom's Secret Formula Lubricant - 2 Pack

I can sense - the nasty jokes are coming!!!

peeping toms

Just buy some WD-40

For all your “lube” needs!

Is this safe on muscous membranes?


Uhmm, they better be careful when saying “all purpose lubricant”!

LOL @ “Made with natural vegetable oils and selected additives, these two tubes will slide easily into your list of workshop essentials. OK, why? Well, if you’ve got moving parts rubbing up against each other and getting too hot, or you can’t get a bolt through a nut, slather on some of the Tom’s Secret Formula B-404 All-Purpose Lubricant. And if your garage’s opening is too tight and dried-out for your car to enter, the Garage Door Lubricant will open it right up. This two-pack is certain to keep your parts wet all night long. Um, if you like to work at night, we mean.”

Ba Chicka Wa-Wah

how does it compare to wd40 ?

Lube shortage in Oregon.

sweet!! lube!! i waited so long…

Is it just me or are the forums bugging out, not loading anything except the header when pulling up a thread or posting, that type of thing?

Somehow I don’t think this stuff is made by the hippies that make that all natural toothpaste and deodorant.

Can you really beat WD-40? We will soon find out!

Finally…something to loosen my rusted nuts

Good thing it isn’t used lube, because that would just be wrong.

Keep the pistons pounding with these two high-performance lubricants.

Well my mind went strait to the gutter, lol.

Is it flavored?