TomTom 5" GPS w/ Lifetime Maps & Traffic

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TomTom 5" GPS w/ Lifetime Maps & Traffic
Price: $74.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Solid reviews (3.8 out of 5.0) over at

How does this TomTom compare with GarminGarmin and MagellianMagellian?

I have the TomTom Go unit integrated in my Mazda CX-5. TomTom Go is based on a QNX/Android APK program, ie, it’s the same TomTom app you buy in Google Play.

So in a lot of ways this is basically the same “program” you can buy in Google Play for $30.

However, I like having it integrated into the vehicle. This unit, being stand alone much like a smartphone doesn’t offer any compelling advantages over a smartphone, and in fact, uses your smartphone to update maps and traffic data.

It’s up to you if buying the unit is worth the extra $40 for the “hardware” over just paying $30 for the software download for Android.

Regarding the software…it is excellent. I have been a Garmin diehard since my old GPSV hand held and ended with my Kenwood double-din deck in 2007. The problem I had with Garmin that TomTom capitalized on was user maps: the biggest advantage TomTom has is the largest user base of maps, ie, user updated speed cameras, map corrections, speed traps, and so on.

It states the following “Lifetime TomTom Traffic new Drive with world-class traffic information for the life of your device*.”

But I could not find the footnote the * indicates .

Normally I thought refurbished units did not come with lifetime map updates, can the wootstaff clarify this.

It appears that one must have a smartphone in order to have live traffic, unlike old units. Am I right that without a smartphone the unit does not display live traffic conditions as one drives?

Note that the smartphone app requires iPhone 3GS or higher with iOS6 and up, or Android version 2.3.3 and up.

We poor Windows phone users are out of luck. Again. :frowning:

You nailed it!

Good traffic data overview for this unit from Tech Hive:

I bought this unit a year ago, and its been ok. It has some things going for it, and so things I wish were better. I love the free map updates, traffic and camera warnings. Yes you need a smartphone for the traffic and camera warning, it paired easily with my Samsung Galaxy S3. What it lacks is on the navigation side. Multiple times it has not routed efficiently taking me further than it should, also it much slower than my previous Garmin at re-routes when you miss a turn. Also the menus are not straight forward and could be designed better. Once you figure them out its not an issue.

Overall if I had to buy one again, I probably would go back to Garmin and spend the extra 50-75 bucks for a model with the same features.

But for this price and with the lifetime maps this can’t be beat. I spent $200 for this new.

Dreadful reviews on amazon.

Per the TomTom website:

*Lifetime TomTom Traffic and Maps: Receive TomTom Traffic and download 4 or more full updates of your pre-installed map every year, for the life of your product. You need a PC with an Internet connection and a MyTomTom account to download map updates. For more information, visit or

Don’t buy a Tom Tom. Their “lifetime” map guarantee is simply a lie. I recently was informed my “lifetime” map updates were not going to be honored. Lifetime to Tom Tom means about two years, and then it is sorry Charlie for you.

The only reason why I’d buy a stand-alone GPS unit would be to save on data usage on my cell phone.
For now Waze is my favorite nav app on my phone and has the best user created database of traffic, speed traps and road hazards.

NOTHING beats Waze for being up-to-date with maps and real-time traffic, especially since it is FREE. BUT it sure eats up the battery on my HTC One with the display being lit all the time, and the CPU crunching going on to keep everything moving. Even while being on the car charger, using Waze for more than 30 minutes causes the phone to use the battery faster than it can be recharged.
For that reason I still have a dedicated GPS (TomTom XXL).

Even if “lifetime” doesn’t refer to the time that you own the device, but rather to the time the product is supported, it’s still a great deal to get two years of maps (around 9 updates) for free. A map subscription costs between $40 and 65, so you’re saving $80-130.

Nokia’s ‘Here Maps’ Android app (maybe iOS too, not sure) is free and doesn’t use mobile data. You download maps over wifi and it only uses your GPS signal when using in the car. I haven’t used it yet but it gets pretty good reviews.

I’m going on 4+ years with my TomTom XXL from woot… still gettting free map updates.

I wouldn’t trust TomTom on lifetime updates. I bought a TomTom GPS new with “lifetime” updates and after a year I was told I would have to pay for updates.
I love the device, especially in Europe, but you can’t trust what they claim.