TomTom 5" GPS w/ Lifetime Maps & Traffic

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TomTom 5" GPS w/ Lifetime Maps & Traffic
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Solid reviews (3.8 out of 5.0) over at

Resistive screen though.

I’m looking for some feedback from anyone who has this, or similar, model.

According to the TomTom Go User Guide (found it here:, these units will warn you if you exceed the speed limit by 3mph or more. Obviously, the GPS unit can calculate my speed very precisely, but how does the TomTom unit know what the speed limit is on any given stretch of road? It must be in some sort of data file that is stored in the GPS unit, right? How accurate and extensive is the TomTom’s speed limit database/layer? Does that data get updated when the maps are updated?

I’d like to buy a GPS unit that will help avoid getting a ticket if I unknowingly speed, but it would be nice if the user could set that tolerance (e.g. maybe I’m comfortable up to 5mph over, or perhaps up to 10% over the posted speed limit). Any recommendations for another brand/model GPS unit that allows the user to set the speeding tolerance threshold?

It has the speed limits coded into the maps. Even on a road which changes speed limits, it knows which sections are which speeds. Use at your own risk but that data is pretty good. It’s updated with the map updates.

I do NOT know this model. The problem can be that it will warn you when you are over the speed limit only when you are over the speed limit in that area - which could be too late. For example I just drove an interstate which changed, and was posted, anywhere from 70 to 65 to 60 seemingly at random for no good reasons. Could be from 70 to 60, or 70 to 65, etc. If you’re going 70 (really 75 or 76) and enter the marked 60 zone, they may catch you on camera or radar before the unit can warn you. If so, that’s not really a flaw of the unit but a feature they should consider adding.

If someone has this unit or any other Tomtom maybe they can clarify if this warns you before you go into a lower limit zone.

No, not really - there are two modes for the speed display. One, that’s always on, is that if it knows the speed for the road (it knows about 90%, more likely on larger roads) it will display both your current speed and the speed limit, and both go red if you’re more than 5 miles over. You can also set an alert - it beeps if you go over the 5 miles over. That drove me nuts very quickly, so I shut it off. But it doesn’t change until you enter the new speed zone - no pre-warning.

You can also correct the speed limit on a road - mark the spot, then sometime later (while sitting still!) tell the unit what the speed limit for that bit of road should be. Next time you plug it in (to get updated data) it will pass your correction up; if multiple people make such a correction, it goes into the Community Data download and the unit learns the new speed.

Mine isn’t this model, but it is a Go.

Anyone know if you can get European maps? Specifically for Italy? (And if so, how good are they?)

Yes you can purchase them from their website (here: ) and install them on the device. I presume it does accept a SD card as they used to (I have an old tomtom go with us maps + europe maps on a sd card) so you can keep both maps. Excellent maps overall.

yes, but at least it is not glossy as the capacitive (the 60s) is. Which is very bad for a unit you mainly use on the dashboard of your car. Resistive is not necessarily bad: this is not a phone where you have to write emails and text, after all: once you set the address, you will probably not touch the screen until you arrive to your destination…Just my 2 cents

I just bought a Garmin 42LM yesterday. One thing I read about the TomToms, which I find hard to believe, is that North always remains at the top of the screen. This would be confusing if you were heading south, east, or west where you would want to see the area you are traveling to at the top. I imagine there is a setting to change this.

Every GPS that I’ve owned had a resistive screen. I’ve been able to deal with it.

Concerning the traffic update option. From the TopTenReview website.
“However, unlike some competing car GPS units, the Go 50S does not have a built-in traffic receiver. Instead, it pairs with your smartphone and then uses your smartphone’s data connection to get traffic information. This will use up some of your monthly data allocation, but TomTom claims the usage is moderate.”
Could this be true?

Per the description from TOMTOM

TomTom traffic creates a vivid picture of traffic conditions as they evolve. Drive with world-class traffic information for the life of your device via your smartphone*. Get to your destination faster with precise and accurate, real-time information. TomTom Traffic covers more roads than any other GPS brand and pinpoints exactly where delays start and end so you always know your fastest route.

*Your smartphone needs to be compatible and come with a data plan. Extra costs may apply, check for more information.

This is an absolute non starter for me. If I have to use my data I might as well use my phone. And what happens when I am in an area with no signal for my phone. This is a horrible idea!!

Yeah, that’s not the case. I have a TomTom (don’t recall the model) and your navigation by default will always have you driving “up” or “forward”, however you would term it. If you switch to map mode, I believe the default mode is north appears up, but that can be changed in my model.

I want the model that Dexter uses.

We have an older model TomTom and have traveled all over Europe with the maps we purchased on the TomTom website. They work great!

The reason I prefer a tom-tom over any Garman is that if you choose a route that the garment doesn’t like it will keep bugging the hell out of you to change direction and recalculate. The tom-toms all learn your routes!

Why would you buy one of these? Google maps is free on my smart phone. You don’t have to type in addresses - just google the restaurant or use your contact list. It talks to me, finds alternative roots when I don’t pay attention, and tells me how to avoid traffic jams. I had a Garmin before smart phones and google maps.

I travel a lot and will probably be switching back from google maps on my phone to a gps. I use my phone for audiobooks/music while driving from place to place as well as phone calls. It’s just too much of a drain on my phone’s battery (I have to turn the screen off so that the charger can keep up with everything my phone is doing) and a pain/dangerous to switch applications while driving.