TomTom 5" GPS w/ Lifetime Maps & Traffic

Does this give GPS coordinates?

Can I get European maps for this unit? Will it work in Europe?
I guess this was answered earlier… Sorry.

Because some of us like to talk on the phone while driving. Of course, I live in a state where it’s legal to do so. So effects may vary.

Some of us believe phones are for talking and texting only. I hate my smart phone and would give anything for a straight phone with texting but the carriers only carry crap versions of those types of phones now. Besides GPS satellites are way more reliable than cell service.

Lots of good answers to my question. My I-phone allows me to have the GPS running while talking on the phone or listening to music/podcast. It stays fully charged while plugged in and driving. I also have a small battery pack that I use when I am walking through New York, Boston or even Paris. You have convinced me that there is some advantages to an independent GPS for some people. Thanks for all of the good information.

When I ordered this I’m pretty sure it said it comes with a Universal High Speed Multi-Charger. That’s what sealed the deal for me. Mine came today with just a plain old charger.
On the plus side, it doesn’t say refurbished, and it looks brand new with normal retail package.