TomTom 5” Touchscreen Portable GPS with Text to Speech & IQ Routes

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TomTom 5" Touchscreen Portable GPS with Text to Speech & IQ Routes
$69.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I assume you have to pay for updates on this?

Didn’t we just have this a few days ago? You’re better off paying a bit more for the lifetime maps.

Hmmm… this looks like “nice to have” when I don’t have a data connection. Too bad lifetime updates cost $100.

You think the could have picked a better screen shot of the Tommy Tom…


Three and a half stars on Amazon with lots of reviews.

(Amazon reviews)

Is there an advantage to having a dedicated GPS device as opposed to a GPS app for a smartphone or tablet?

I love the TomTom I bought here, but mine had lifetime maps. Much better than the Garmins and others I have tried!

We gave this unit to my brother… for Christmas. It didn’t last until New Years… There are better devices out there with FREE updates.

Yeah, you don’t need a cell signal.

I have a TomTom. Do I like it? NoNo.

General XXL user guide:

im assuming this one does not have lifetime maps? which is the one that does? anyone know?

Was the XXL535T…no idea what the difference is…

No lifetime maps (Believe me, if it had it it would say it) you do get one free update when you get your gps, though. So… that’s a plus, I guess.

I have the 3.5". My TomTom is terrific. Initial updates are free and unless you live in a place where the roads are always changing, you don’t need new maps.

Wooted myself one of the now-ancient 510s some years ago and it’s still working great. I’d like a new one because, just like me, my TomTom feels like it’s gotten fat as its aged and (also like me) its battery doesn’t last as long as it used to.

BUT - the old guy has BlueTooth and it rocks. Works as a data device for downloading traffic, weather, POI info, and map updates - but more importantly, it also works as a handsfree kit for taking calls in the car and keeps me from looking like a Borg while I do it (plus the sound quality is much better).

I wouldn’t buy a new GPS unless it had BT support. Then again, that will cost a lot more than $70. This is a deal. If you don’t care about BT, then get this.

Does this mount to the windshield, dash, or both? Windshield mounted is illegal in some states :frowning: