TomTom & Garmin GPS

In the spec’s listing it states:
In the box:

TomTom VIA 1605TM 6" GPS with Lifetime Maps & Traffic
USB Car Charger & Traffic Antenna
Dashboard Mount Disk
Integrated Mount
USB Cable

My question is…does this USB Car Charger plug into a standard 12vDC car power outlet and the other end is a USB for the TomTom or does it require a USB port on the car that the newer auto stereo systems have. Just don’t want to buy this then have to order another power adapter.

According to the “in the box” pictures on the TomTom website (scroll down almost to the end of the page), the USB Car Charger and Traffic Antenna has a cigarette lighter plug. So did the equivalent cable on my old TomTom XXL 540 TM, which has finally given up – won’t turn on any more. I think I’m about to replace it with this one.

When is my Garmin GPS shipping?

It’s already sold out, but I’ll say it anyway re the Garmin:

I purchased this model new 3 years ago. I was looking forward to lifetime maps and traffic.

I’m just wondering, not making any accusations or nothing, just wondering…

Do they sell it with the map memory at 95% full, knowing that it will only take a year or two to fill up the remaining free space? Planned obsolescence maybe?

Therefore they are offering “lifetime” …but it will not be practical for many to actually make it a lifetime experience.

Mine: I go to do an update around the end of year 2 and there isn’t enough room for the full update. If I want updated streets on east coast, I had to delete a map module.

All the delete options were unsat, as they took out large swaths of the West coast and/or Canada. So I am driving with outdated maps, and a couple times that was meaningful.

I’m considering the Tom Tom here.

Thanks for the information!

Same unit sold on amazon 149.99.

I came here to say the exact same thing, made me laugh…

Has anyone received their GPS? There’s no updates on shipment and tracking info.

Grateful for any indications please. Thank you!

Your Garmin should ship out very soon.
Standard shipping is 3-5 business days.

If you don’t see any tracking info by tomorrow, please write into and let them know

P.S.: My new TomTom arrived the day before I received the shipping information. (Go figure!) I have set it up and used it and so far am happy with it. Sadly, the favorites, etc., from my old XXL 540 TM can’t be loaded onto the VIA 1640 TM (I called and asked) so those will take a while to rebuild. Otherwise, it’s good.