TomTom Bandit Action Camera

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TomTom Bandit Action Camera
Price: $249.99 - 349.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, May 18 to Monday, May 23) + transit
Condition: New


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base: $350
Bundle: $250

Something might be wrong.

Are the prices backwards? Why is the larger bundle cheaper than the base camera?

buy first, ask questions later.

Yeah, there sure is.
It’s only 720p.!
Why, in a world going towards 4k resolution, are people buying these at this price.?
There are cheaper alternatives with 1080p res and 3 times the recording time.!

This according to the specs page:

Video: 4K 15FPS / 2.7K 30FPS / 1080P 30FPS / 1080P 60FPS / 720P 60FPS / 720P 120FPS

UHD was to remove the possibility of front row movie goers seeing pixels on the screen. And even with the best of eye sight, the human eye can only see up to 466 pixels per inch. Apple says it’s more like 326. My point is 4K in video cam’s like this is a waist of resources (tasking the CPU as an example) and HYPE for the vast majority of these devices. So, I doubt anyone when less then a 70inch TV is really going to notice much. For action video, 1080 or 720 is fine. But the cost is a little over the top.

Same situation 9 hours later. I bought one - seems cheap for HD underwater movie camera.

Hey guys- Checking with the buyers on the pricing. Update to come.

UPDATE: Pricing has been fixed!


That’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time… a long time.

“Hey bruh, I was just biking in the Brazilian Alps with my TomTom Bandit Action Camera…”

Brazilian Alps? I am Brazilian and would love to know more about these “Alps” that you are referring to. Never heard of them.

So I guess Woot is not honoring the purchases before the price change? Bummer. And I only ordered one :frowning:

apparently they are reigning on the deal. If Walmart or any box store made that mistake they would honor it.

I use to be a big woot supporter but they have gone to the dogs since amazon took over. its a sad world.

Are all orders being cancelled?! After waiting for 8 days just got email. But no explanation. Why? I was expecting this camera for the trip. Not happy.

After a bit of poking around, I think the vendor didn’t have as many as we were told. A few orders had to be canceled. I’m sorry for the poor experience.

By my calculations looking sales stats vs. my own time of purchase (10:57am EDT), at least 20% of the unit sales were canceled. That’s hardly “a few.” But hey, at least those guys in Delaware (no sales tax) who purchased multiple units for resale will get theirs.

And to make things worse, I ordered a bag of crap yesterday. They might not have enough cameras, but Woot! is definitely unloading plenty of disappointment.

There. I feel better. On to ebay!.. to order a $65 knockoff from China.

And OF COURSE a version the Chinese knockoff I would have bought from ebay pops up on the Woot! main page. FINE! HERE! TAKE MY MONEY! TAKE IT ALL!!!