TomTom EASE 3.5” GPS with Text-To-Speech & IQ Routes

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TomTom EASE 3.5" GPS with Text-To-Speech & IQ Routes
$29.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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My opinion: Spend a little more and get a model with lifetime maps and a larger screen.

Paid $55 for mine, new. Works pretty well. Looks like a decent deal. Drawback was no lifetime maps.

Amazon Link Mixed reviews

Selling for $59 new


Link removed. Wrong model.

Might be worth getting just for having new maps. I bought a Garmin a few years ago on Woot! that i love, but the maps are starting to show their age.

TomTom can help me find places, but where can I find TomTom?

I would never buy another TomTom after mine took me down 50 miles of insanely dangerous old mining roads in northern Idaho when there were two perfectly good freeways that would have taken me to my destination two hours faster. If this had happened in the winter I likely would not have survived to tell the tale.

On the plus side it saved me from having to pay to go to a zoo since I got to see my fair share of wild bears that day.

This isn’t the same model.

$99 On Amazon, very mixed reviews.

If your Garmin has SD slot, it’s pretty easy to find and load new maps…

Links for your approval…

Might be in for one

Will this help me finally find Waldo?

Wow, $29.99 for a GPS unit. I never thought I’d see the day.

Would love to share on Google+, but it doesn’t look like that’s an option. Which is fine because no one would see it anyway.

The mixed reviews on Amazon seem to be due to the lack of advanced features. Even the one and two star reviews indicate that this GPS performs the basics just fine.

I’d buy one if it was only one Tom…can’t handle two Toms.

I may very well be in for one. Even though I have three GPS apps on my iPhone I still like a dedicated unit sitting on the dash and as someone said it might be worth getting for the new maps aside from Tom Tom’s technology. It may not have all the bells and whistles but if it gives the actual street names and warns me a mile ahead (at least) on the freeway then I think it is a pretty good deal.

That’s your own fault for relying on tech and not using any common sense! You still need to have an idea of the best way to get someplace and not blindly follow this little talking robot.