TomTom GO 510 Portable GPS Vehicle Navigator



TomTom GO 510 Portable GPS Vehicle Navigator

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    1 TomTom GO 510 Portable GPS Vehicle Navigator


Has anyone had any luck with these? I am interested, but I would like a first hand report…


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weren’t these clogged down with spyware or something equally undesirable?


Is this the model that has preloaded viruses?


supposed to be a good brand. Too bad I already have a built-in in the car. Highly recommend a nav to anyone without one.


Man… I hate refurb! Although, the cheapest I see it on froogle is around 499.95…hmm. To woot, or not to woot. I have been wanting one of these.


I have one of these and I have to say it has saved my butt more times than quality toilet paper.


Refurbs on this

Tiger direct $329
PC connection $369


Tom Tom – do you know what google maps is?

Oh google maps?

Yea – its called plan b4 you go and this and all other nav sys are USELESS…



OK, lets see how many fools can build themselves one of these for half this price.


I thought this model was full of viruses or spyware or something? Cant remember…


Here’s a bunch of reviews on Amazon:

Amazon Reviews

Average rating is 3.5 stars - not great, but pretty good.


My girlfriend got me a Garmin i3 for Christmas. It was really helpful while I was in Hawaii this past week.

No experience with TomToms though.


Nice price though $379.95 on


Finally, after millions of WOOT purchases, I AM FIRST SUCKER!

I am so proud. Gonna call my mom…


Is there some subscription or hidden map upgrade cost? - Or is this a one time only pice


I have a TomTom 910, same same maps etc.

Aside from arriving brand new from the factory with a trojan on it, and having to reset/reboot it all the time, its great!!

No, seriously. I didn’t think I’d need it around town but its helped me discover new shortcuts, helps me get to stores/addresses faster and easier than before. My only gripe (other than those above) is that there is no way to tell it you only want to use major roads. some routes are bass ackwards and according to the unit the fastest, but in reality are not and not the most practicle. Its easy to calculate an alternative though.


Oohh just what I didn’t want a TomTom… I might have been remotely interested had I not seen one of their “hilarious” commercials :slight_smile: