TomTom GO 510 Portable GPS Vehicle Navigator

Whats up TOM…

why woot why??? we already had this!!!?

TomTom? No no! BOC BOC? Yes Yes

WTF? Same price as when they had it earlier this week. Lame.


I hate refurrrrrrbs especially for stuff like this… that needs to be dependable.


hey, cavX…ty for reminding me to take my vitamins…i’ll go back inside and get one right now :slight_smile:

what more of these lol this is the secondtime in a few hrs they have been in this woot off makeit new and i would buy not going to do the refurb thing.

F TomTom


Good deal, don’t need it though

hmmmmmmm , i dont need this

Is a bag of crap ever sold on woot-out days? What’s the usual cost of the BOC?

Not compatible with my BlackBerry, no thanks!

Boo…not again. Where’s my bag o crap?!

Tom Tom = No No

These will go fast…buy a few…

Good Lord…Not again!!!

Can I take this while running?

can this GPS system help me navigate the internets?