TomTom START 4.3" or 5.0" GPS Navigator

Never use TomTom before, so does anyone know this GPS has Detour function as Garmin?

Anyone know if the maps include complete maps of Canada in addition to the US (i.e. North America)…I know some GPS Maps are country specific

Woot Staff has informed us earlier that the 5" model on today’s offer DOES NOT come with the lifetime maps.

However, the 4.3" model does include lifetime maps.

Thank you for your inquiry!

There are many free navigation apps at least on Android in which you can pre-download the maps and just use the GPS function of your phone when out of the country, not needing data. The only reason I see to want a dedicated GPS is if you use your phone a lot while driving.

Woot Staff has updated the sale: NO SD Slot.

Thank you for your inquiry, we hope this information is helpful.

I bought this TomTom about 18 months ago. A year after I bought it, I received an email from TomTom reminding me to do an update. I tried to do the update and it failed. The TomTom would no longer boot up. I called TomTom and they spent hours trying to help me get it to boot up, then finally told me that the processor is defective. They refused to honor the warranty because it was 5 days past 12 months… I’d say that pretty well sucks for their customer service. Had I never heeded their email and tried their update it would probably still be going. I have since seen several complaints of the same experience from others.

Under the “Specs” tab, woot! informs us that U.S. and Canada maps are included on both models. Sorry Mexico travelers!

I had an old tomtom, forget the model #, and didn’t get lifetime map updates. I “replaced it” with a refurb magellan.

My observations and recommendations:

  1. Tom tom software between the gps and your computer is very user friendly, easy to use and update, and includes neato options both free and paid for.For instance, camera alerts - free!

  2. On my old model, the lack of expansion space / sd card was an issue as it just had enough space for updated maps and not much else.

  3. The map updates go on sale but not often (maybe 1/2 price once a year). As people have stopped buying gps’ it’s not clear - will the price go down as they beg people go buy them, or up due to limited supply?

  4. Magellen makes me appreciate tomtom. M is horrible software looks like it was designed to run through a DOS or a floppy 5.25 " disk (look it up). Their unit is very slow to react to touch commands, and may be performing tasks in the background so if you impatiently hit a button 3 times…it’ll execute 3 random instructions later when it cathes up. This is never good.

  5. Refurb - don’t be an idiot like me and fail to check it out thoroughly on arrival. I put mine off (not a woot) and didn’t realize the voice sounds like someone mumbling underwater until the warrantee expired.

I’m on the fence - I need to replace the M I bought but the lack of lifetime maps on the 5" makes me sad - and woot, I’m really sad you didn’t make that obvious in the listing! Bad woot, bad! Making me read the comments…bad!

Can anyone verify that either/both of these include spoken street names? Thanks!

If you don’t get the 4.3 w/ lifetime maps then you need to check out tomtom map update service

From link above:
“The best way to always drive with the most up-to-date map is to join the TomTom Map Update Service. Starting at only $9.98 per quarter ($39.95 per year), you will get every single new map release. That’s a new update every 3 months so you never get lost!”

However, this graphic just below it that says it cost more than that.

I got the start 45 M for my parents. I figured it will be worth it for them.

I have a Garmin that I’d love to replace just because the maps are so old and to update is more expensive than buying a new one. My Garmin has a wireless remote that I can give voice commands, like “Find an address” or “Go home”. That is the best thing ever, since typing on those things is not only terribly annoying while your vehicle is bouncing around, but it’s dangerous. Does Tomtom have a remote option like my Garmin? Also, navigation on smart phones is close to worthless much of the time. Especially in rural areas. I love having a dedicated GPS for driving. It’s always just a glance away from telling me what street is coming up. I recommend one that takes voice commands.

I could be wrong about this, but I seem to recall from my research on GPS’s last summer that Lifetime Maps means you get free updates forever while they offer it for your model. Kinda like Microsoft has always given free updates for Windows XP, until April 8th that is.

I bought a refurbished Tom Tom here (not this exact model) and after owning a Garmin, the comparison ends with the fact they are both GPS units. If you are used to the speed and accuracy of a Garmin there is a good chance you are going to be dissapointed. For starters when you make a wrong turn or are detoured often times the unit cannot update fast enough. This is a real hassle when you are on a freeway. You have to pull over and stop until the unit can process the information so it doesn’t keep telling you it is recalculating. The other thing it did was it kept taking me off a freeway only to put me back on it again. If it doesn’t have a slot of a mini SD card then what happens when the internal memory isn’t large enough for the map updates? Basically you’re out of luck. There are some other funky things about it I didn’t like. The numbers/letters are too small and I was always having to correct a number or letter which can be a hassle. Ultimately I bit the bullet and bought a Garmin. NO regrets!

It’s amusing how much the price has dropped on these standalone GPS units now that Smartphones have supplanted them.

I have a TomTom Via and I love it. My smart phone GPS is extremely spotty, and I got lost on the way to my brother’s wedding because of it. I have the KITT and Han Solo voices and enjoy them immensely (as do my kids). Definitely get the one with the free lifetime map updates, it happens fairly often.

People who run routes in large metropolitan areas every day. Fumbling with a phone for navigation absolutely sucks. If you’re a professional photographer, you want a real camera, not a phone camera. If you’re a professional driver, you want a real GPS navigation system, not a phone that you also communicate with.

The battery usage is outrageous when using a cell phone for navigation. Answering calls while using the phone to navigate and having it plugged in for power is as bad as it gets when you have 30 destinations a day.

So… any more questions?

any who bought this and having trouble finding how to get your free maps, once you download the tom tom home software, click on tools and then Use latest maps guarantee, and it will then activate the lifetime maps, which allows for 4 updates per year.


Thanks, exactly what I was looking for, thought they forgot to put a code in the box.