TomTom XXL 535T 5” Portable GPS with Text to Speech and Free Lifetime Traffic Updates

Armagedon skips over to Amazon.-Gah! Darn these companies for making their model names so similar! They couldn’t have named it the ‘Tom Tom Navigator’ or something of the sort? Thanks TT

Froogled (correct model, mostly accessories)

[TT: I think that’s a different model]

Walmart reviews…

Just in time I need a second GPS unit. Im a Warming guy wonder if this TomTom is any good. Time for some research…

Product Website

I find it a little odd/funny that the picture shows the “The GPS signal was lost…” message!

Great price! I love my TomTom 4.3" that I got for $69.99. Mine does not have lifetime traffic updates.

My Droid X does everything this one does, well, including the traffic update from google map. GPS devices are getting cheaper and cheaper.

  • Garmin guy. Dang autocorrect on this phone. Haha!

I have this unit and have used it on a couple of trips where my phone would have died if I tried to use the navigation on there.

It’s pretty nice. The only downside is that it is extremely adamant about the route it wants you to take - If you know a different way around something or are taking a detour, it will try to get you back to your original point for a while (10 miles or so) until it realizes that you’re going your own way. Then it will eventually re-calculate.

Really? my phone does this for free, and I never leave the phone stuck to the windshield to be stolen. Pass

“with lifetime traffic updates.”

Cool. How about MAP updates? Would I have to pay for those? My city changes roads like the weather, so that would be pretty important.

I got a TomTom One a couple years ago. I used to get lost so easily; now it’s much harder to do that. Don;t leave home without this great little tool.

Weird, I must have a special GPS because I never leave mine stuck to the windshield when I leave my car…

I’ve used only Garmins until the TomTom Via 1535T. I find it rather difficult to get used to the TomTom interface. However, there’s something appealing about having Darth Vader giving you driving directions (have to purchase the voice separately).

My grandmother does this for free when I’m driving and not only do I spend less money taking care of her than I would on a 3G/4G plan, she unsticks herself from the windshield when she gets out.

How she gets stuck up there in the first place I will never figure out.

I use to use maps, and never had a problem. But my wife now has a ipad 2, and that is the end of getting those AAA maps. Kinda sad…

i love that the one in the pic has no signal, that really makes me want to buy one

I love my Tom Tom, but the last map update was $70, so if you don’t get lifetime map updates, forget it.

So you get a usage and data plan for your phone free of charge?

From whom?