TomTom XXL 550T 5” Touchscreen GPS

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TomTom XXL 550T 5" Touchscreen GPS
$79.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I need this I get lost ALOT!!

I like the Sean Sean better

Lifetime Traffic Updates: Always outsmart traffic and avoid delays. View live, real-time traffic information on your TomTom. You receive non-transferable traffic data until the product’s useful life expires or TomTom no longer receives traffic updates from its suppliers, whichever is shorter. (US & Canada maps only) Details and terms at

C-Net review.

Will this work with a Mac?

Yeah, tonight, I’m that guy. It’s a living…

And, what’s this lifetime traffic, but no map updates? Okay, one map update. Still, pretty meh.

For those who hate Apple. And Google. And the Rand Mcnally map people.

oh cool. but i knew what it was ahead of time because I played WOOT CLUE with Thunderthighs at 11pm Central time. it’s a game where you can win prizes if you guess right :slight_smile:
lots o fun!

TomTom Home has been available for Mac for years.

Who is still buying these when EVERY smart phone out there does navigation? I guess… people without smart phones!

I actually really like my old TomTom but I would never again buy a GPS without lifetime map updates. This doesn’t have them.

I can’t say anything certain about this 550T, but I had a 540MT for a brief time and I have to tell you all that it was an awful headache that I couldn’t resolve even with TomTom’s so-called customer service. I hope they mad drastic improvements in this model.

If this had lifetime maps instead of traffic, I’d have bought this. No lifetime maps = no sale.

Sorry, woot.

I like the map features on my GPS better than my iPhone. //shrug

I’d pass on this - this is not the M or TM version, which means you don’t get lifetime map updates, which are quite useful (even if you update only once a year). Also, Garmin directions are generally easier to understand than the TomTom ones and GPS units are regularly on sale.

I’ve also never found the traffic aspect useful on a GPS (even near areas of high congestion) - it just takes up more space near your cigarette lighter.

My smartphone sucks as a gps when I loose internet signal, want it charging and in a usable spot in the car to see it, when a phone call comes in, etc. There are still some benefits with a dedicated GPS.

Google Maps Navigation is really slick!

Who needs NAV when we have smart phones that perform even better? :confused:

Really? I’ve had my traffic alerts save me quite a bit of time going to and through Dallas and on trips when passing through large cities. I even pay for it now.