Tonha Portable Plug-In Heater Fan


Tonha Portable Plug-In Heater Fan


I hope the specifications in the photos are wrong. They say the heater is specified for 220 to 240 volts which will work in China which uses a US plug with 220 volts, but not in the US.


Yes, the ones we are selling are for the US. :slight_smile:


Please be very careful with these and the voltage. I purchased one during the recent woot off and it started smoking (not steaming) within 10 minutes of use. We’ve thrown ours away because it seemed too dangerous to try again. We live in the U.S. and have a relatively newly wired home that has never had any problems with appliances.


You did not have it plugged in long enough. If you look at the photos, flames should have been streaming out, like a fire tornado, all you got was some smoke. Next time try to be more informed prior to purchasing.


I’m sorry for the problem. Please make sure you always contact woot customer service when you have a problem with a product so we can track issues.

Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.


The plug in the photo is for the EU?

Also, most heaters will have watts output in the specs.


As I noted above, we are selling ones with US plugs.


And this years fire hazard award goes to…


Just confirming that this product plugs directly into the wall. If it had a cord i could use it but a direct plug does not work for me.


Yes, directly into the wall.