Tonha Portable Plug-In Heater Fan

Tonha Portable Plug-In Heater Fan

Interesting. Normally, it’s recommended to keep space heaters at least a few inches away from the wall. I worry about some people getting “creative” with the placement of these.
Also, the “washing” photo? Don’t use these in the shower, kids.

Edit: also some of the Amazon reviews are for a totally different heater.

I bought this earlier this month. We have a small mountain cabin, and this would have been ideal for the bathroom. This thing blew cold air only, and I must admit that this is the first piece of “junk” that I have ever purchased from Woot. Stay away from this one. It’s garbage.

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I agree with bazooka54. I bought this product in December. Blows cold air. On a really, really cold day, if you put your hand right on it, it feels slightly warmer than outside temperatures. Seeing that it was on woot again, I clicked on the link to Amazon reviews. 119 reviews with the majority being five stars. Lots of comments about how great it is and how quick it can heat up a room. Scrolling down I see photographs from customers, and it’s not even the same heater. Oh, excuse me it’s not a heater. It’s a ‘warm air blower’. You’re better off using your hair dryer.