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Only if she likes it.

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She loooooves tomatoes.


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Zoe won’t like a basket of Narf’s.

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Woot is a weird place to work.

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Who? Not me, that’s for sure!

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Whatever happened to wine-woot?

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@davejlives drank it all.


Better than


It closed 12/31/2017 due to legal reasons.

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Licensing issues when Amazon bought Whole Foods.

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Vessel of Penguins!


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She has a baby penguin she likes on some days. She’s fickle and chooses a new toy each day.

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I know. I was hoping that Peace wouldn’t remember that. :no_mouth:

Helpy has a favorite monkey but he plays with just about everything.

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As long as I don’t have to share the food in your kitchen with him when I come over.

It’s his kitchen.

Good. So free food.

I hope you like ocean whitefish and tuna.

Sure, cause as a penguin, I only eat fish. Is that it?


But seriously:

I’ll eat the tuna, but could do with some salmon and whitefish.

How about sardines?