Too Cute To Spook

Rabid beavers sound awesome.

Probably better than Angry Beavers.

He uses


English version please

When I message Narf, I sometimes don’t understand what he means because of his accent.

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Dāng wǒ gěi nà ěr fū fā xiāo xí shí, yóuyú tā de kǒuyīn, wǒ yǒu shí tīng bù dǒng tā de yìsi.

That Catonese dialect


Narf has a different accent.

But I don’t own a Hyundai.

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So which car is that in the driveway?


I don’t get that channel.


The headphone adapters were 9 cents. The USB-A adapers were 4 cents.

  1. Thanks.
  2. I can’t believe that I spent that much.

It cost Amazon more to fulfill the orders than it was to purchase them. :slight_smile:

You’re telling me…

Angry Chicken GIF by happydog

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@Froodyfrog and @peaceetc had me at puzzle. I put together a 8000pc 3’ x 9’ puzzle of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel a few years back when we had first bought our house and had no furniture. It was humongous and took about 3 months worth of evenings and weekends to finish.

I’ll probably start building a UGears Aero Clock this weekend that my other half got from the local hobby shop the other week.


8,000 piece puzzle. Holy fudge pops. I’m dead just thinking about doing that. Well done.

That clock puzzle looks really cool.

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