Too Legit I Am

Alright, I demand more Abigail and Fluffy stories now…

Yoda the man is.

Brilliant this is.

I wonder how many kids (and adults) will get the MC Hammer reference.

Whoa…On first glance I thought it said “OUT I can not…”. That’s a WHOLE nother T Shirt

I feel like Yoda should be wearing Hammer pants

Stop… Yoda time.
So happy this printed I am. :slight_smile:

One of my local oldies station has U Can’t Touch This on rotation now. I figure most kids/younger adults won’t get it at all.

That said, I have been surprised before. A couple weeks back, a Millennial at Costco knew what was on the shirt.

You beat me to it! My sentiments exactly

Too small! FYI, my BF bought the American Apparel Women’s XL and it is extremely small. The label says XL but I’m not sure XL for whom, an extra large 2nd grader? I’d hate to see what an actual size small looks like. I’m definitely a Women’s XL and I couldn’t even get this over my head it was that small. Anyway, we’re going to try again and get the Men’s XL and see if that is any better. Wish us luck!

Tell him to read the sizing charts next time! FWIW, the women’s AA shirts are sized in line with other women’s shirts in the imprint industry. If you look at the shirt sizes like at TeeFury, you’ll find they’re just as “small”.

Damn. I’m really that much of a millennial…
I thought it was a Hot Rod reference.