Too Many Cooks

Woot! seems to have a trend with cannibalistic bunny rabbits.

At first glance I thought this was the old folk tale Stone Soup but the fox seems to be using a different recipe.

Just confirmed, these will be printed on ANVIL tees.

All sizes will be on the new blanks for this design. The size chart is correct. We’re working on getting the yellow text box up as well.

The size chart is going to be the most consistent place to look for the correct info.

So in the women’s size thread it says you switched for women’s tonight, the lack of new sizing alert suggests it didn’t. What is the final word?

ER, never mind :stuck_out_tongue:

Welp, I guess I get to find out how these fit.

i thought the fox was warming his hands. and wondered why there was a bunny in the soup. took me - no kidding - over a minute of puzzled looks to get that the fox just finished pushing the bunny in.

:frowning: then i cried a little

Add Parsnips. They may be my new favorite root veggie.

I love how the other three bunnies just don’t care. :smiley:

Nice work on the design. I was giving it a closer look and saw that the gigantic pot looks like it has both reflections from the fire and a bit of soot on the sides.

It’s a nice subtle touch that I almost missed.

I ordered one, and will give the new shirts a try.

I LOVE this shirt!!
AND to make matters even better I can order a women’s XL!!!

Hooray for me and Woot’s new tees :slight_smile:

Of course, it is getting ridiculous just how many adorable green tees I have!

GAHH, poop! I just ordered a WM…which is definitely going to be too big. ;_;. -pout-

When a design like this pops up, I’m moved to song.

It’s the cirrrrrrcle, the cirrrrcle of liiiiiife!

Everybody join in!

Email and ask them to change the size. No problem.

Oh. So the shirts are no longer from manufacturers in the USA? First raise the price. Then increase the profit margin by using shirts from outside the USA. Very disappointing.

The bunnies hats look a bit like cauliflower. Maybe the fox was not as sadistic as he looks and just nearsighted? Carrot and cauliflower stew!

So basically if you are a petite girl you are now out of luck? As the new small is only .75" smaller than the old large… I guess woot is catering to the wal-mart crowd… charging more money for inferior products made outside of the USA…

If you had an awesome waxed 'stache, you just wouldn’t care either.

Hope you are in better health, Spirit. I’m going to buy a shirt tomorrow so you can have a little extra jingle in your jeans.

As a representative of the fox community on shirt.woot, I would like to point out the unfairness in this design. Once again, the poor innocent fox is portrayed in a negative light. This is what’s wrong with the media today; things like this are passed off as commonplace and nobody will come out and point out their errors.
Well, I’m not afraid to do just that.

You add the meat and THEN season to taste. No fox would get that wrong.

I hope you’re ashamed of yourselves.

(hilarious design!)