Too Many Speakers



When our community speaks, hopefully someone listens. So speak up! Let the reviews be heard.


While speakers would be good for some folks, I think my husband would prefer a screen enlarger, so he could watch one game on the big screen and one on the laptop with equal clarity.


I ordered the red Craig speaker a few weeks ago when it was being sold under WootHome or Woot Tech. The main reason I got it was so I could listen to podcasts while I was in the shower and getting ready for work. The tiny speaker on my smartphone wasn’t nearly loud enough!
The Craig speaker is great for podcasts. I haven’t tried it with music yet. The distance is surprising too, I am able to go to the other side of my house carrying my phone with the bluetooth connected still and still be able to faintly hear the sound.


The last Woot Plus with the red craig BT speaker:

Looks like someone had problems with pairing. I’m going to go ahead and give it a shot anyway. Misplaced my last BT speaker.


I’d prefer someone give me an army of monkeys to carry out all my daily tasks.


sounds like somebody leaked the details of our upcoming Plus sale again.


Wondering how this would work for a small flatscreen TV?? any thoughts?


A friend of mine has the Craig Portable Speaker Dock. He brought it with him to GenCon so we could listen to tunes or podcasts while gaming in the hotel room. Totally awesome. Good sound quality and didn’t take up a lot of space sitting on the end table. He said the remote was a bit dodgy sometimes, but otherwise he was very happy with it.


Which of these speakers would be the best for a large living room with no TV, just to play music through bluetooth?


Damn. I saw the title of this deal and thought it was all going to be awesome items from Setec Astronomy.

(Do I win a prize for being the first person to get the Sneakers reference?)


great, thanks w00t.

the Craig sound bar was on here ON OCTOBER 5TH for 3 dollars MORE.


that aside…

I bought it to replace some TV speakers that stopped working. It pairs easily with BT and the FM tuner is a nice bonus.

It doesn’t sound amazing, but it sounds like it’s $50. Good enough until I get a new TV.


you win a special place in my heart.


during a previous Woot bought “Energy by Klipsch Speaker System EM-2.1” for use with laptop & phone. even after unpacking still wasn’t sure i had made a good decision but after powering up, was pleasantly surprised, sounds much better than expected.

placed small speakers on each side of laptop, on window sill (big plus for small spaces), subwoofer under computer table, it won’t bounce the laptop but it will do.

using laptop with itunes & google voice. for itunes, system sound at 50%, itunes 50% and volume on speakers about 75%, is good for average listening. changing itunes only to max, gets pretty loud. if also up sys sound to max gets too loud to listen to comfortably while sitting at laptop. @50/75 google notifications can be heard easily in same room, however, with google voice phone calls, usually need to turn down sys volume a bit.

Angry Birds and other phone apps sound good too, could use more bass but …

IMHO for $35, knowing what i know now, would i still purchase, YES.

here’s a CNET review when retail was $100:


Klipsch makes good stuff. It’s a great all-around brand. Too bad the Craig Portable Speaker w/Bluetooth is sold out, I would have purchased another one. It took 5 seconds to pair with my Samsung Galaxy S2 and pumped out a lot of volume for it’s size. Well worth the $10 + shipping.


Does the sound bar sound better than you TV speakers at least?