Too Much Catnip

WHEEEE! So happy to see this one, was one of my faves in the derby. Buying!

Congrats, Spiritgreen :D!

omg my kitty’s going to look so hip in this shirt. what size do you think will work for your standard 10-pound spca special?

mice mice baby.

To go, to go.

I hope no one out there in Wootsville has been celebrating the new year with too much catnip, if you know what I mean.

This is too hilarious! Love the angry little stuffed mice.

Congrats Spiritgreen - this design so deserved to win!

Given the internet’s love of cats, I have no doubt that this will be a big seller for a long time to come.

That cat needs to share…

ooOo i love me some bractal flutterbys.

Uh - waht’d ya say there? I, I must have had tooo much catnip.


My favorite of the lot! Purchased!

The butterfly would be perfect for the new derby rules.

Does it hurt the cat when the mice bite or just give him a bigger dizzying high?

Rah, rah, Spiritgreen, drawer of the catnip queen
Now there was a cat that really was gone
Rah, rah, Spiritgreen, England’s greatest shirt machine
It’s just a shame how his cats carry on

(Oh, those tabbies.)

Catnip Anonymous. 3:00 p.m. Tuesdays at First Baptist Church, Tenth & Trinity St. Austin, TX.

Kute Kitties + Katnip = Krazy Kuteness. K is the funniest sound in the english language… :slight_smile:

The soundtrack for this design is “Cat in the sky with butterflies”

Want to wish all of Woot, it’s members and staff a Happy New Year :). May everyone find happiness, success, and many great tees in 2011!

Glad to see this one! My girlishness is pleased.