Too Sexy

But is ‘it will encourage me to do laundry’ an argument that will work on my wife ; )

The perfect shirt for the laundromat in a college dormitory.

Thankfully not too sexy for your pants?

Wait, where are we again? I mean, you’re still not wearing your shirt, so nothing’s changed. Plus you’re washing clothes you’ve never worn. That’s a waste of money and will wear out the clothes.

And the shirt even says you’re too sexy for it, so you wasted good money buying the thing, now you’re wasting time and money washing it. I think your whole image just makes no sense.

I really feel like there’s a necessary comma that’s been omitted.

I’m also buyig this shirt so I can put off laundry day once more by just opening a shirtwoot package that contains another clean shirt.


i don’t really understand this shirt either. being “too sexy for [your] shirt” means not wearing a shirt at all. and i’m pretty sure you can still not wear a shirt on laundry day. and in fact is probably the day most people are most likely to not wear a shirt. (okay, second to beach day or gym day.)

i guess maybe if you go to a laundromat? so even though you’re normally too sexy for your shirt you now have to put one on because it’s laundry day and the laundromat has a no shirt no shoes no service policy?

Also, if you are too sexy for your shirt you will have less laundry (not wearing shirts) therefore you will have less laundry and laundry days will be fewer. That means having to put on a shirt to go to the laundromat (which you are too sexy for) will happen less. So, buy at least two or you will have to wash the only one you have in the sink at home since you are wearing it on laundry day.

Congratulations, RP, on the print. It appears to be your first. Keep them coming to give the shirt.woot community something to talk about!

Bam! Inside the Artist’s Studio time!

So- we vigorously sampled and polled people on the wording of this design, using the highly respected scientific polling firm, Whoever-Still-Actually-Replies-To-My-Random-Emails and Sons LLC.

The questions that we went through included “Too Sexy For MY Shirt,” vs “Too Sexy For THIS Shirt,” as well as the potential missing comma. The results came back as you see them in the final design. “My,” though less contextually correct, fit the actual song lyrics and general pyramid shape better. Our sample population could correctly identify that people would understand that you were referring to the shirt you were wearing as not being sexy enough for you- but that your usual sexy clothes were in the laundry.

As for the comma after laundry day, we decided that shirts are the modern form of poetry, and that punctuation is automatically built into the structure of line breaks, while the lack of punctuation was aesthetically more pleasing. Trust me- this one sorta hurt, since I’m DEFINITELY #OxfordComma4Life, but there you go.

The more you know!

Pretty amusing that people picked up on the exact things that haunted my pedantic dreams while doing this shirt, though.

hey, thanks for writing all that up! it actually did clear things up for me. (serious comment.)

also, i never felt a comma was necessary. a.) it’s a tshirt, not a book, article, etc., b.) it’s not one of those things where a comma (or lack thereof) drastically and/or humorously affects the meaning of the phrase, and c.) i don’t read that phrase with a pause, so i think there are at least a couple levels of acceptable artistic license moments here.

/pedantry :slight_smile: