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The writeup for the Stanley outdoor extension cord doesn’t indicate the length (or else I’m particularly blind this morning–if it’s there I missed it). Looked up that model number elsewhere and found it’s 25 feet.

Thank you for posting I was wondering how long it was

I have the Skil Li-ion rechargeable drill/driver. It’s quite handy. It’s more compact than most cordless drills, allowing it to fit in tighter places. It has decent torque for getting screws nice and tight, takes any variety of bits- I can use any of the driver tips from my ratchet set and precision set, and it holds a charge quite well. In all, I’ve never had reason to complain about it. The price here is quite a bargain, too!

YES! Thank you for posting that! I was coming on here to say that nowhere on the product page or description or specs does it say the length…

You’re right. That’s kinda an important spec.

Googling tells me that it’s 25 feet long. $17.99 at Amazon.

I’ll pass on a 16 AWG cord, but it could be good for Christmas Lights.