Toolbox Cabernet Sauvignon (5)



Toolbox Sonoma Valley 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon 5-Pack
$69.99 (Normally $100.00) 30% off List Price
2009 Toolbox Cabernet Sauvignon, Sonoma Valley
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But is the hammer included?

It totally kills the deal if you have to supply your own hammer.


Black and Red hammer… come on Woot. One mention of Pink Floyd would have sufficed.


No mention of the hammer in the pictures. I’m disappointed. If I order this and don’t get a hammer and nails I’ll sue. (no I won’t, but you really should CYA on this one)


big cab day: in for one
Last Wooter to Woot: fredrinaldi

Now to the side deals with free shipping:

1st up with free shipping is 2007 Unbridled Cabernet Sauvignon …
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2nd up with free shipping Galante Vineyards 2008 Red Rose Hill, Carmel Valley Estate Cabernet Sauvignon
Last Wooter to Woot: fredrinaldi


OK, tempted, help me out.

I’m not one to much like quirky marketing, as this first appears, ok, there are exceptions; Stillman and ElJefe, and I just went to bed when I saw this come up. Looking back at other earlier offers perhaps that was a mistake.

The numbers do look interesting; lower ABV, lower pH, but the PN comment still has me questioning. Earlier comments have suggested ‘everyday’ drinker, and there is a big place for those, but should I not get around to these for a few years, is there enough complexity and what if any improvement if any might one expect? Or would ignoring them for any extended time just be a big mistake?
Cellaring info please.


Ha ha…sorry, no hammer included in this one. HOWEVER, you can get “hammered” if you wish!


Dangit! I never caught on with that one. Should have used that in my marketing…love Pink Floyd!


Good Morning WOOTERS!! I’m on the boards…shoot away! I am heading to the golf course to hit the little white ball, but I’ll be checking in on quesitons. Looking forward.


Sorry…but the joy of drinking Toolbox is you can get NAILED and HAMMERED if you choose so!


Thanks for the support! Let me know if you have any questions ;o)


Good Morning…thanks for hitting up the board with your interest and q’s. Honestly, you can lay these down for a good 6 years - BUT, the Cab is drinking really great now. I make my wines so they are not only affordable and drinkable NOW, but will lay down and age gracefully and not loose any fruit or acidity. We didn’t macerate the skins as long, lending to a lighter less “aggressive” Cabernet style. Bright fruit characteristics, which is why I call this my CAB for PINOT LOVERS. I’m a ham a heart that loves to make good wine - hence the fun marketing. Let me know what specific q’s you have. This is one of my LAST SALES with WOOT as my winery has just been acquired, which was always my goal. So I will watch Toolbox soar to greater heights now. You’re getting a ridiculous deal on this and I can promise it over delivers. Thanks and let me know what other q’s you have!


Any chance of seeing your 2007 Merlot on here again? Would definitely be in for more of that :wink:


Morning!! Unfortunately no Merlot coming up on Woot…we only have 5 cases left so not worth the sale :wink: BUT, if you do want any of that I’m happy to honor the previous pricing! Let me know -but I do have to say this wine rocks & it’s a crazy deal!


For any “wine nerds” out there, thought I’d add we recieved a Silver Medal at the San Diego International Wine Competition :slight_smile: I honestly could give two craps in a bucket, but some people care about that stuff…thanks!


Thanks, I’ll contact you shortly. I’m buying the merlot for my parents who really like it when I gave them a bottle from the April woot offer. I may go in for this cab, the only thing stopping me is having WAY too much wine in storage already and unsure how I’m going to get through the inventory before they are over the hill…


Totally get it…can also consider this a “collectors wine” as my winery was just acquired so I won’t be on the label or marketing any longer! For any friends in the building biz could be a fun gift :slight_smile:


WOOTers: I’m officially on the golf course now. Please continue to toss out questions as I’ll be checking in periodically. Of course the “tone” of my answers are all dependent upon how kind the golf gods are today!


Hi Katie - so you’re a DHS grad - on that basis I’m in. Plus I enjoyed your last Woot white. Did you know Amanda Evans? Enjoy the slogging!