Toolbox Wine Mixed White Case (12)

Toolbox Wine Company Mixed White 12-Pack
$99.99 (Normally $204.00) 51% off List Price
6 2008 Toolbox Sauvignon Blanc, Dry Creek Valley
6 2009 Toolbox Pinot Grigio, Clarksburg
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6/9/12 (Sauvignon Blanc)

Posting from Carmel, CA!

It’s the dreaded Summer Sipper! As foretold by the prophecies!! o0o0o0o!

Anyone in SoCal area want to split the case? I’d be in for 4 or 6. I am just pretty sure I’m spending 400 dollars on plane tickets to Texas Tonight and cant afford 100 dollars in wine on top of that.

Edit: found my Split. Thanks!

Well done! How’s Carmel?

Anyone in westchester, NY want to split the case?

Foggy! But very nice…

Funny, that picture… Reminds me of when I was renovating my old place and I had a bottle but no cork puller. A drywall anchor and screw worked quite nicely! :slight_smile:

I’d love to split the case with someone in the Nashua NH/Lowell MA area.

I’m in! I am mid-move, but starting work in South Hudson here next month so it should be easy to arrange a pickup for my half once the case arrives. PM me if you decide to go in based on this!

I’m assuming I get the drill too, since there’s no “No, you can’t have our drill” disclaimer?

Anyone in charleston, sc interested in splitting a case?

Does that super awesome drill come with it too?!

Does anyone know whether the wines have been acidifed with added ascorbic, citric or other acids? Or are they “natural?”

I did some research and found that you are really paying for the Sauvignon Blanc and getting the Pinot Grigio for free. You can find all kinds of info including ratings for the Sauvignon Blanc but virtually nothing on the Pinot Grigio. All I can find on the Pinot is that in the past 18 months, the price has dropped from $18 to $12. That being said, I am hoping that the Sauvignon Blanc is worth the full cost of the case.

P.S. I am NOT looking for anyone to split a case with and if I did, the other person would end up with the Pinot Grigio anway.

$8.75 a bottle and I’m out of white wine. The merlot from them had a very good QPR… plus I was planning on buying 100 ping pong balls from woot (don’t ask)

88/89pt wines for $8.75btl shipped. Whats not to love?

Yeah, the drill. If that’s part of the deal, I’m in (as long as the charger comes too).

Anyone near Brooklyn, NY want to split a case?

Dreaded summer indeed!! Enjoy my poolside pounder :slight_smile:

Hi Wooters!! Sorry for the delay…been on the shore in Dillon Beach last few days, so JUST now in an area with coverage in the “real world” - though nice to un-plug for a few days :slight_smile: ENJOY my “poolside pounder pack,” it’s a steal deal, literally getting this at my FOB price!! Here for any q’s now for the day…cheers!

I know, love the pic they took! Truly captures getting “screwed” all at once :wink: