Toolcam+ and 3' Snake Cables - Your Choice

Check out the product page for the Toolcam

As a Wooter that recently had to pay for plumbing and repair work I can assure you that in my area I paid as much as this unit plus an extra extension just for the first service call.

As my luck would have it, if I had this unit at that time I could have saved some cash. It’s a good idea for most home owners to have something that can help assist light plumbing issues.

What insert toilet humor here luck, eh?

These are a big hit at parties, and think of all those awkward doctors appointments you can avoid.

** Also sold as Dr. Oz’s Home Proctology Kit **

Amazing to see this for sale. Years ago, I was a jet engine mechanic on fighters, and we used flexible borescopes to do internal inspections on the engines. Never, ever thought I’d see one for sale like this.


These are great for motorcycle mechanics too.

sorry but I don’t think this is good for automotive use, the actual scope itself looks to large to fit in the spark plug hole for automotive/motorcycle/small engine repair work

Doesn’t seem very practical for many plumbing issues, which would require examining the drainage pipe. This would barely get you through the trap, assuming the trap isn’t where the clog is located. If its in the trap, you don’t need a camera to tell you that (duh). If its beyond, maybe you may need to also purchase 15 to 25 3-foot extensions.

I watched the video with closed-captions, and must say I’m especially interested after it said I could view the European Union of my choice. Thank you for delivering such mind-bending and apparently reality-warping technology at such a remarkable price.

You forgot about self gynecological exams. But I mean one self colonoscopy and its paid for, right.

If the quality is good, this is a good deal. I paid more for my Ryobi and it didn’t come with an additional extension cable. I don’t recall the screen resolution on the Ryobi, but I think it was less than this one. Someone can correct me if I mis-spoke.

The specs and picture are potentially confusing. If I read it correctly, this unit can take a maximum of 18’ of cable. The pictures suggest that the unit itself comes with a 3’ cable and an additional 3’ extension. So if I wanted a full 18’ unit, I only need to add 4 more cables. Woot staff: do I have that right?

Just checking the specs:

•Includes 3’ Snake Cable, Hook, Mirror and Magnetic Tip Attachments (Can use up to 6 total extensions for a total of 18’)

EDIT: I guess it still leaves the question you ask.

Wthout the costly 3’ extension, the base unit is sigmoidoscopy ready, only. Extensive testing has been scheduled for the First Days of May, or sooner.

Having recently snaked my first drainpipe I have to ask, “Why do you need to see the clog? You pretty much know what it’s made of (yuck).”

And what would you do if you saw it looking back?

No recording video? No still shots?

This might be more useful if you want to record the video.

Inspection Snake LED Video Color Camera(15m) on AMazon $34.99

There are some under $20, and I’ve seen where people connect some models to old Android phones with an adapter.