ToolCam Inspection Camera w/ Monitor

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ToolCam Inspection Camera w/ Monitor
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Time to check out the product page

This will save me a ton of money on DIY colonoscopies

…and if you go from the other side, endoscopies, too!

Hmm… I suppose I could get this, name my septic tank after my sister in law and I can use the cam to verify that she IS full of crap.

$156 on Amazon, 4 stars from 2 reviews:

Be sure to wash it before using for this purpose! (especially if using it for DIY colonoscopies)

Note per the product page posted earlier that the LCD is 2.4 inches. Woot’s descriptions says 3.9" x 2.75", but that must be the dimensions of the plastic housing.

What is the diameter of the camera lens? I wonder if it will fit down a spark plug hole for doing cylinder inspections?

OOPS, from product page camera head is 17mm! I guess the actual CCD sensor is 9mm or 1/4".

The product page says the camera head is 17mm, just a wee bit over the common 14mm plug size.

This could be the snorkle cam for the miniature shots on your next sci-fi epic movie shoot.

Yes, but I was just going to take out the trash.

Does anyone know what good to 100 feet means? Does this mean that the entire device is waterproof to 100 ft?

Probably means you can separate the screen from the holder/camera for 100 ft.

You can get these for $65-80 on Harbor Freight almost every month. Got mine for $65 and it’s been great helping with DIY projects

I got one of these off Amazon for $20. you can try one of these depending what you need it for. Works ok,
Waterproof USB Borescope Endoscope Inspection Tube Pipe Camera

Does anyone know if longer cords are available? I need to trouble shoot some air vents. Need about +10’.

The next model up (ToolCam II) has a 9.5mm diameter camera flex tube. You’re in it for $250 though.
The CMOS sensor on this one is 712 (H) x 485 (V) and it uses the NTSC signal system, so it should do VGA (640x480) resolution easily, but I’m not clear whether the video out is that resolution; it could almost do wide (720 x 480 px) aspect ratio video.

The manual