Toolin' Around



Tools! Tools! Who has tools? WE DO! And in a few days, you can too!


Bummer…saw the tool bag on the ladder in the picture and unfortunately that item isn’t in the sale. Dadgum!


Does anyone know if the black & decker flashlight has an adjustable focus on the beam? I.E. Can the beam be narrowed or widened?

I really like the specs on it, and the standard beam is probably most useful, but it is nice to have a narrow beam sometimes. Particularly so you can more easily avoid blinding people (cause those cree LED flashlights are bright). Also comes in handy for lighting up something at a distance or pointing something out.


Anyone have and would recommend the ladder?


B&D site doesn’t seem to indicate so.


Ladder sold out before 8:00 AM on first day of WOOT. WTF!


Wow. We had a fair number of those too. Some items in Plus sales do have limited quantities and as such, might sell out quickly.


Dang, I have been waiting for another chance at a ladder. This one sold out fast!


Me too.

Not that it matters now, since it’s sold out- I don’t have this brand of ladder, but one that functions the same way, and I love it. It is very stable, and useful in a wide variety of situations. The only drawbacks are that it is relatively heavy and bulky, but I would highly recommend this type of ladder.


The Hitachi impact driver is $84 (prime eligible) at Amazon. No reviews though. I could only find one review (5/5) on the half-dozen sites I checked.


Anyone know what the model number of the air compressor is? There are a ton of Porter Cable pancake compressors similar to this. I could just be dumb and not finding it.