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Check in with reviews on these tools! Assist your fellow wooter who may have ambitions bigger than their skillset/knowledge of the proper tools needed for the job!

Link to Amazon Reviews:

Individually they get good reviews:
Hitachi DB10DL:

Hitachi WH10DL:

Reviews look good, but the Woot deal for the drill only is $1.98 cheaper than on the mothership… And Woot is actually $3.02 more expensive because that one has free shipping!

it goes for 127 on amazon, but the reviews say they often come with dead batteries

Well, regarding the sold out oscillating tool. If you are looking for that, you may be interested in the **Refurbed Rockwell Sonicrafter (their “oscillating tool”) kit** I found on Pinterest. I just got it a month ago for our vacation home remodeling and I can’t imagine how much work it has saved me. It also arrived like a new unit, I couldn’t tell it was refurbed at all. For $68 and free shipping, it’s a GREAT deal in comparison to the Black and Decker. It comes with a TON of accessories, too. Plus, it’s a Rockwell, not a B&D…

So… The Grinder. I used this in a 3D art/metal sculpture class. I used it to grind sharp edges down on my pieces after I cut them with a plasma cutter. I also used it to clean up old pieces of metal and make them look new again. I loved it!

There are different discs available for purchase, depending on what you will be grinding. I highly recommend wearing work pants/tough jeans, leather work style boots, a leather jacket and goggles or a full face shield, a mask (it creates very fine particles of dust, and whatever kind of dust it is, you don’t want it to lodge in your lungs). Oh yeah… Ear plugs, leather gloves that fit appropriately so that they don’t get hung up, and keep pets and kids far away. It’ll shoot sparks for sure, and likely pieces of whatever you are working on. If you hold it properly, you can ensure they project away from you. If you are new to this type of tool and have someone that can demonstrate proper use, I highly recommend it.

Oops… One more thing… A vice clamp works wonders for the item you are working on. I couldn’t imagine working with this on something without it.

It’s only 6 in the morning on the west coast but I found half the tool offers were already sold out. This isn’t the first time or the first company to do this. It gets old. When it becomes too frustrating, I unsubscribe. Computer mavens at these venues should check out what it’s costing to give one coast first dibs all the time. I’ve never complained before but this time, there really weren’t any good deals left. Some categories were just gone.

Well, here’s the discussion from earlier this month on the Hitachi 3-PC set. Lots of enthusiasm and info. However after deliveries start rolling in, the two people who posted are not so happy. One needs to get the flashlight replaced, right out of the box, and the other is unhappy with the drill/chuck situation. I would be interested in seeing some discussion on the latter point, as I have been eyeing this set for a while and don’t want to buy something that won’t suit my purposes. I actually own zero cordless tools. Somehow I have managed to carry out my picture-hanging and other, minor hh jobs with an ancient, B&D corded drill, from the 70’s I think.

Edit: people who posted back in August generally liked it as well. I’m leaning toward getting it.

One question: I see it comes with only one bit. Any recommendations for an appropriate bit set?

I’m on the Westcoast too, this was up yesterday our time at 10pm if not earlier, and only one item was sold out. I actually think Westcoasters get better dibs on most woot items, as it posts 10pm our time, 1am eastern, so they’ve either gotta stay up late, or hope it’s there in the morning. The pluses seem to post at 7am ours, so unless you’re sleeping in, this should be okay (minus those that have to go to work/school at that time).

the hitachi 3 pk is a beautiful set , it has the quality feel to it, i don’t see an issue with battery, got mine for $35 more at amazon. the tools have a lifetime warranty. this deak is tempting for a gift.

AMEN, dude. I gave up trying. It’s almost 4pm & I’m just now checking- because the bummer is too bummer.

Sorry about the sold out items. The Plus sales are often items that are niche or in limited quantities such that we can’t sell them on our main sites. Keep checking them often. Most of the Plus deals go live at 9am M-F.