Toolpocolypse Now

You can get the better Matrix version for cheaper if you buy direct from black and decker.

Love the doors reference :slight_smile: (

Any idea what a “Sequence Bypass Tool” is? Ebay listings say that it is used to bypass electronic locks. But what IS it?

Can you provide a link to where you’re seeing this? I’d be happy to take a look for you.

Am I the only one who is confused by the “Advanced Search Kit”? What do people search for with a kit like this? Does it mean something about the quality or expected durability of the tools in the kit?

I’d use it to search for the fountain of youth or maybe a pot o’ gold. But that’s just me :wink:

where are you even seeing this on this sale?

•Included are a LED headlamp, probe and Sequence Bypass Tool designed to assist in a comprehensive search

its in the description for the big tool kit.

thanks I didn’t see it when I looked. I hope someone tells us what this is. a quick search turned up nothing.

I too came up with nothin’. Now I’m curious, so I enlisted the help of that noahsbagels guy. I’ll update when I have more info.

I’m pretty sure a Sequence Bypass Tool is the part of the Delorian that makes it travel through time. Which, I might add, makes this kit a screaming deal.

Honestly I haven’t a clue. I’ll ask the fine folks at Apollo, but in the meantime I’d appreciate seeing some photos of proud Wooters using their sequence bypass tools to, er, bypass sequences, or whatever.

If nothing else, I expect you’ll make good use of the other 156 pieces.

a google image search turns up pictures of
lockpicks and appears to be a
euphemism for anything used to gain access
apart from the normal methods.without
seeing the kit in person,it’s hard to say what exactly it is.

missing many pieces.