Has anyone used these stair treads in northern climates with snow?

Hmmmm … on the flower garden borders, here’s the Amazon review.

The Amazon stats say “Product Dimensions 0.8 x 10 x 9 inches” , which suggests that the “95 inches” is the total length of all ten pieces, not of one piece.

And, if you have Prime, it’s cheaper there …

With regard to the color change solar lights, one of the item details states,

“For first use, allow battery to charge in direct sunlight for 48 hours.”

Where am I supposed to go to get 48 hours straight of direct sunlight?

Come on I can’t just fly around the earth for two days!!! :wink:

A tanning booth!!

What vice does the table vise have?

And I was hoping for an Inaccurate stud finder.

The treads are $17.55 on Amzon, which is $0.56 more, but with free shipping at Amzon they are a lot cheaper. Seems like the Amzon version of Woot doesn’t “get” the original concept of Woot.

They are 1/8 inch thick, with no adhesive or ribbing to keep them from floating around on the step. The most common complaint on Amzon is that they are too flimsy and move around too much.

I have a different brand of them that is probably between 3/8 and 1/2 inch thick. They are almost too thick for my taste, but they stay put in the winds of the north Oregon coast, which sometime approach 100 mph.

Bad spelling? Is that a vice?

You’re right! Vises should NOT have vices! (We’ll see if this one slips past the censors!):smiley:

Oh, the “vise squad” works in the tool department. “Vice” squad works in the “police” department. (Unless the vise picked up a “lady of the evening.”)

Since Woot! strictly ships to America, I’m going with the American version here.