I did a little amazon review research on the 78 piece stalwart drill set and well, it doesnt look good…

I purchased one of the tape measures with the calculator attached. The worst tape measure I have ever purchased. (Worse even than the $1.29 one that I picked up at Ikea.) I pulled out about 24" of it. It wouldn’t retract. I pulled out more, it still wouldn’t retract. I pulled it out to the max, it broke. Never actually got to measure anything before it hit the bottom of my trash bin.

This Swiss Army Tape Measure may be the dumbest tool ever invented. It sort of looks like the car designed by Homer Simpson.

I have the Stalwart 75-2050 Deluxe Mobile Workshop Toolbox. I bought it for my First Lego League Team. First tournament we went too, the bottom half detached itself from the top due to broken tabs. Lego pieces all over the place. So, unless you plan on transporting foam blocks, I wouldn’t recommend it.