Tools: Embetter Your Life

The title says 12in box–but what are the overall dimensions? Is there a load rating? The material looks thin…

And, is this stainless, or what?

What a bunch of dollar store junk. Not even Harbor Freight would be caught dead with most of this stuff.

•Forward and Reverse: For Effective Screwing

Well then.

That vise is normal $19.99 at HD

Hey someone who bought this before can please leave a reivew pls ?

Embetter is a perfectly cromulent word.

Hey Wooters, just a comment on the 9 bit magnetic screw driver. I found the same one at a CVS pharmacy for 2.50, this red one looks cool. It has really come in handy for making quick repairs. At 7.99 this seems a bit more than i would pay.

I made the mistake of buying this last time it was up- it’s awful- it’s made of 22g galvanized metal, folded at the seams and corners. Mine arrived in a thin box, dented, and with a bent lid- totally useless and irreparable.
In fairness- WOOT credited me the cost, but not shipping.

What kind of battery is it? Is it Lithium Ion?

[mod edit: it has a ni-cad battery]

I bought this drill set the last time they offered it. The case same already broken, which is a pretty good sign of a cheap drill. Probably best to stay away.

EBay has a 2-pack of the flash light for $16 with free shipping.

Remember back when Woot used to have actual deals?

Ha ha, yeah, right. You’ll be lucky if it’s NiCd, and not a one-time use alkaline battery.

Better yet, use the Harbor Freight coupon for the freebie flashlight the next time you’re in the store. This flashlight looks like the one I bought at the Circle K in Barstow. It was cheaper than this one, too.

Too true. Great comment.

Emergency tool kits look like they’re worth 4.99 each, at best.

Thanks for the warning. I’ve been looking for a drill, guess this isn’t the one.

I used to like Woot Plus a lot and still order from it some, but I don’t get why tools aren’t in the Tools area. And you’d think birthstones would be in Accessories. Somewhere between weird and pointless these days. What’s the point of having all these categories?

Description doesn’t even state if it’s a variable speed drill

scary if it’s not

This stuff looks worse then “That Daily Deal” stuff. Do yourselves a favor and buy quality tools. You won’t regret it!!