Tools & Garden Fall Garage Sale

Can the insulators be cut to fit? I have 16" by 48" panels on my garage door.

The 157 piece Apollo was $65 last week now $85 at the “garage sale”…I’ll wait for pre-sale pricing to return, I guess.

Our bad. We’ll be crediting the difference for anyone who purchased it at the higher price in this garage sale. Thanks for spotting the mistake!

Looks like I will need two of these Door kits…like many my two car garage door has 16 panels.

I believe so. Others on amazon were mentioning needing to cut their panels.

3 reviews on Amazon, 2 people think it is the best product ever. One said it actually made their garage warmer.

I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Not sure if I’m going to pull the trigger, but it is a good deal as long as it works!

“Craftsman 59740 GripLatch Utility Cart”

I bought this same cart last year without the Craftsman name at Menards, on sale for $139.00. Only difference is the one I bought has one more drawer. Have also seen this same cart at Harbor Tools and Freight for $150 or less. I know now why the Sears model didn’t sell in stores!

For $8 the BBQ smoker set is a great deal…I bought it for $10 a month back and have been very happy with it.

Based on your post I was going to buy the BBQ set with the Pinot on wine woot. But it’s sold out now, so I get nothing now. :frowning:

Re: bathroom exhaust fans: any chance we can get the physical dimensions added to the specs list?

I emailed the guys in charge. I’ll update you when I hear back.

If people can’t tell the difference in quality, it’s no wonder. Believe me, though, there’s a difference, and it’s worth it.

The bath fan without light says 50cfm under the features and 80cfm under the specs. Which is correct?

The colorful flourescent shop lights. Nice, but I’m wondering if in the name of energy efficiency they’re actually not very bright (the whole point of having a light).

Anybody got any experience with these or with the spec’d bulb?

I looked up the bulb in the specs SPX30, it says 1350 lumens and 17W, which according to the Federal Trade Commision is approximately between a 75W and 100W incandescent bulb.

The other part F32T8 number lists 32W and 2600 lumens, which is like a 150W incadescent.

Hope that helps.

Very helpful. Appreciate it!

When did “bad” become a noun? I’m sorry, but I was never a fan of baby-talk.

RE: Measurements. Hello, Google Images:

Hoover 7121-01 Bath Exhaust Fan, White Finish

Hoover 7122-01 Bath Exhaust Fan with Light, White Finish

I’d say about 20 years or so. Language changes over time. Get over it.

My craftsman cart arrived today while I was out. The box is so badly crumpled around the corners that there is a pile of hardware laying on the ground. I wonder how much fell out before it got here?.. I haven’t opened it yet to see if the cart itself was bent :frowning: