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Anyone have the dimensions for the Deluxe 42-Drawer Compartment Storage Box?

With the blue foam flooring, does 16 sq. ft., 4 pack indicate that ordering one would come with enough flooring to cover 64 sq. ft.?

It is indeed, each tile will be 2’ x 2’, but a total of 64’ covered if you get 4 packs of 4.

Blue foam flooring is cheaper on Amazon right now:

Begs the question, does Amazon care about Woot any more? No point using Woot if you can buy cheaper in big brother’s shop.

I would have thought so, but no. One four pack means you get four tiles. One four pack is good for 16 sq. feet.

I was hoping for three sets of 64 sq. ft. worth of tiles last time I saw this and was very sorely disappointed when I got the package. Buyer beware, these are WAY cheaper elsewhere! I saw 32 sq. ft. packs at Costco for $14.

the list price of the flooring tile is laughable too. amazon has its msrp at 41.98. not the $130 woot has it for.

All these list prices are ridiculous, what is going on? The 42 drawer organizer is listed at almost $100; I have the same one that I purchased at home depot last year and paid a little over $30 if I remember.

This appears to be the same one at Home Depot with specs listed along with 2 favorable reviews. (Which is better than what people had to say on Amazon.)

Concur, I those years ago on a random site, shopped around and got each of these tiles for about $1.25. It would have been $2.50 for each tile had I wanted the 3/4" tile. I’m talking for the 2’x 2’ not each sq. ft. also.

Anyone know if the RotoZip 75-22852-2 Straight Cut Bit 1/4-Inch Shank
is a prison quality shank? Or just for occasional street use?

This is a proper shank, but you’ll need a handle… or the plunge router attachment. It’s kind of hard to sneak up behind your victim with a router, though.

I’ve found that as long as the extension cord is long enough and you move quickly, you will be fine. I suggest two 100’ers and an assistant to re-plug in case your victim gets out of range.

Wow. Had no idea the Stalwart 75-92226 30-Bin Wall Mounted Parts Rack would be so flimsy.

Broke two of the small bins trying to hang them on the back plate.

One of the standoffs where the screws attached to the back plate was broken in the package

Flashing everywhere (QA?)

Very thin, very flexible plastic.

Definitely not worth the price of admission.

I definitely expect to come into my workshop to see the contents of the bins spilled all over the counter when it catastrophically fails.

Seriously, spend your money on something else other than “Stalwart” products.

Interesting, this editor changes my last line into something completely different in the preview. H’mmmm.

Yep, definitely my last “Stalwart” purchase. I bought the 8-Piece screwdriver to keep in the kitchen and save myself the trip to the tool box for simple jobs. The bit holder doesn’t even clip into the body. Its a screw driver that can’t hold its own driver heads. That and it looks like someone held a heatgun to it at some point, as the plastic on the handle has melted.

I know it was only $5, but I would have been more satisfied if I had placed a $5 bill on the ground and lit it on fire.

Has anyone received their Stalwart 75-2250 Mobile Workshop and Toolbox? Mine shows as delivered on the tracking number, but is nowhere to be found! Woot seems to be ignoring my requests for assistance. Such a disappointment. This is my first poor experience with Woot. :frowning:

Hi there. Our tracking email sucks because it shows you a pic of your entire order even though only part of it may have shipped.

In this case, your Workshop and Toolbox are shipping separately from the vendor. These take 3-5 business days to ship out. Today is the 4th business day after your order so it should be going out soon.

Hope that helps.

Ok, so it arrived, and the top right side is smashed. FedEx apparently played soccer with it while it was in shipping limbo, then decided to deliver it to me afterwards. Since it was shipped in a cardboard box with zero padding, and the box looked like I got someone’s return (taped over, etc.), I am not too surprised, but I am disappointed. What now please?

Oh jeez, that’s such a bummer. If you haven’t please email with your order details and situation. CS can help get things taken care of for you. Keep us in the loop on how things turn out.

Emailed support, but no ne is responding. I have disputed the charge on my credit card. I would have liked to settle this the professional way, but since I am being ignored, I guess I have to try to get the charge reversed on my CC. Next stop is the FTC to file a complaint against Woot. Thanks for the crap service Woot. No more buying here for me.