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for the Stalwart 75-S8874 Magnetic Pick-Up Tool with Quick Release

what does it mean “masonry hammer not included”? is that the rubber head in the picture?

The original posting included a picture of the tool picking up a hammer to show the magnet’s strength.

haha, ok thanks!

Hey dont you all have a subsection called Tools and Garden…

I am starting to think that woot jumped the damn shark…

The 5-LED lamps are junk… Very tight battery compartment won’t take AA rechargeables that work in everything else and one of the two I was shipped was DOA.

Run away.

I think costco has the black foam squares 8 each for $15 right now. Thats twice as many as here. Are these somehow better?

I just bought two sets to make a nice floor in our family tent. (I bought two sets from costco… not here).

Where are the stretch grip pliers made? I’m assuming not USA, but if the retail price is really $47 for the set then that’s more than two pairs of Channellocks. So… Maybe? Or maybe that supposed retail price is just nuts.

Some reviews on storage trays that look amazingly similar:

Read Amazon’s reviews of the 16 square feet of blue foam squares. All have unfinished edges. We’re removing them from my cart. Same price at Overstock plus 10 percent off. Thanks but no thanks if the manufacturer gives the run around to more then one buyer.

Arrrgg … Who took the last of my magnifying LED glass ?
Bummer .

Stalwart 75-4105 36-Piece Power Screwdriver Socket and Bit Set - is that battery power or human muscle power?

I have a similar one. It’s hand powered. The ergonomic grip makes it much easier to use.

Hey, that double bladed saw is cheaper at the mothership:

$42.67 with Prime.

Definitely thought (from the home page picture) that the lantern was a blender that had a massive flashlight on the bottom. Was sorely disappointed in the end.

No kidding. This cross-categorized stuff makes me nuts. What’s the point of the stupid sub-sites, anyway?

I ordered two of these items on 8/16 and the order remains unshipped. Two emails have been sent to woot, the first a few days ago with no response, the second a few minutes ago. Anyone else having issues like this? Can woot help or advise?

I added you to my CS report and removed your other post in the daily thread. You should hear back soon, I’m really sorry you’re still waiting. :confused:

I too have the same problem with this item, but I have sent about 8 emails to Woot, and I got one reply back from them that was some BS about order 497XXXXX was expected to start processing on 8/21/14. And that email was sent to me on 8/30/14. “Please allow at least 3 to 8 business days from these dates for the orders or tracking information to arrive.” But on the item page it says 3 to 8 days for shipping does not say a thing about processing. This is Woot at there finest when it comes to the mistakes or problems, they hide in there dark corner, and don’t say anything, and hope it goes away. Kind of like the currant President that we have.

Sorry, I’ll check back in with CS on your order.