Tools To Improve Your Home

Or you can go to Walmart for the exact same thing for $7.15…

Oooh, woot!
That laser level is only $23 on Amazon with free (prime) shipping, and only has 2 stars. Glad I checked as I almost went for it.

Hmmm. There is a “Pure Garden 75-1207” Plant Care Garden Toolset here and a very similar (exact same?) “Stalwart 75-1207” Plant Care Garden Tool set on Amazon for $17.49 + free shipping (with Prime or qualifying order >$35)

The average 2.5 star reviews there say that the tools are tiny. It’s difficult to tell their size when all you have for comparison is the other small tools. Some measurements on the tools or something next to them for reference would be nice.

It’s rather heavy. It works ok as a step stool or a dolly, but not fantastic for either. I’m ok with having one, but if I’d sampled the goods in person, I might have passed on it. It is not am example of stellar design or anything.