Tools Under Twenty (Bucks)

Hey folks! These are the best, hardest working and longest lasting work gloves in existence!

I bought 2 pair here on Woot 6 months ago and still have not worn out the first pair.

I work locally as a delivery driver for UPS in their freight division. I wear these all day when handling wood, metal, you name it.
I’ve purchased $30 mechanics gloves that didn’t last 2 weeks!

The only complaint I can manage is they are not waterproof.

I launder them once a week and that will ruin a leather glove and though they state on the tag not to dry they’ve been through the dryer many times without any harm being done.

They are about twice this price on Amazon.

I have the Black & Decker Cordless Drill/Driver. Use it all the time, does a great job. Holds a charge very well. This is a great price for a handy dandy tool.

Ive got 3 pairs of the gloves as well. Absolutly love them for wrenching on the trucks and 4 wheelers. Ended up getting two more pairs for a buddy to use while on the boat fishing. Great quality gloves for the price!

The Gearwrench adjustable wrenches are really nice… picked up this same set in a recent woot-off. These are cheaper than no-name wrenches, but much better made. Nice smooth mechanisms and a good quality finish.

In for two more sets!

I bought the 5.2 amp Black & Decker and recently used it to rebuild my bathroom wall. Too bad I only paid $12 at my local Target when it was on clearance. Sorry Woot.

I can’t comment on the price, but the drill is amazing. I have owned mine for years and it has never let me down. Corded is a disadvantage in terms of portability, but for this kind of price range, you’ll never get as much torque out of a battery – I’ve always had a battery-powered drill in the house too, and I constantly have to say “UGH THIS THING SUCKS” and then go and get the B&D corded drill to do the job right. Buy this and an extension cord and you can’t go wrong.

The drill is fantastic!
I’ve already put up curtain rods, shelves, picture frames, built bookshelves and even bartered it for the soul of someone else’s first child!

Of course, this would mean I need a new one…

I wonder how many people got the Tool reference from the Sellout! main page; I did and it was appreciated.

So when the tin snips arrive, are you obligated to say, “Aw Wiss! Mutha-humpin’ tin snips!” a-la ‘The Yiss Duck’??

YES. The Tool reference got a big laugh out of me. Woot has officially gained 10 coolness points.

That hammer is amazing. I’ve had it for a decade or so, and it hits things very well.