Tools.Woot Carty Favors

Anybody have any opinions on the grill?

Anyone try out the 12v cordless drill?
I’ve been looking at buying a drill and haven’t yet. … seems like a decent price. … is it a decent drill or too wimpy to even bother?
I don’t do a lot of home stuff. … hanging shelves is probably the heaviest duty I’d be using it for.
thanks in advance!

On the wireless grounded outlet, does it come with the remote transmitter? Doesn’t spell that out though I would HOPE so …

It’s a good one! I’ve owned this drill for a couple of weeks now, the keyless chuck is a little annoying, but otherwise the drill is great. Adjustable torque and everything.

My review from last time this grill was on Woot:
I bought this grill off of Amazon for my dad about 9 months ago. Its a great grill for the price (I paid about $30 more). It gets hot quick, I’ve had it up to about 625 degrees, the thermometer is a nice feature, the grates are porcelain coated, and its a nice size. I assume it wasn’t too difficult to put together since my mom did it by herself (I had it shipped to their place for my dad’s bday). Overall great grill, no complaints.

I love mine. Always hits right around 500+ degrees on high. That said it is a bit hot so adjust most of your grilling temps down a bit. I use a low/med setting for juicy flavorful chicken. I am considering buying this one even though mine is still functioning. Get a cover from char-griller and it should last a bit longer.

My friend is trying to frame out his basement, and this drill is a bit underpowered for that kind of effort. It’s good for hanging pictures or assembling furniture, but not for major home renovations in my opinion. Might be perfect for you.