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That’s not very fun

Yay dental hygiene!

My nightmare sink…

Hope you dont miss the teeth with the toothbrush and toothpaste




Just remember to buy fluoride free toothpaste for any family member dealing with any kind of auto immune or brain difference (dementia, ADHD, autism, RA, etc). Especially if they swallow a lot of toothpaste. Wen’s Cat Chat Club tip of the day!!! (Feel free to ignore everything I say, most peeps do. Lol)

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One more

There was an after school youth group thing in our home town. All the cool kids went… I went once…
The time time I did go, they had a “anything for a dollar” challenge. And the “adult” gave a dollar to anyone that would eat a tube of toothpaste…
The person that took this challenge had to get their stomach pumped later that evening.

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That makes me want to hulk smash! It’s a neuro-toxin. Poor kid.

Yeah, these were outreach from the local church or whatnot. I’m not really sure, but the “adult” were more like camp counselors than actual grown ups. That was the only time I went. Twas a silly place.

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Let’s get back to pointless, shall we?

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Ok more pointless… If you have mold in your air conditioner, take the front off and spray hydrogen peroxide inside and clean it out instead of spray bleach. Or, Borax and water in a spray bottle. Don’t forget to unplug first! Zap zap! Less toxic and lasts longer than using bleach! More pointless… I’m hungry and am wearing my fuzzy blue X-Men The Beast toes socks! Cat chat club foreverrrrrrrrr

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This gif give me so much anxiety