Top 12 Hoodies

Some product info:

  • The jersey zip hoodie is a lightweight hoodie, so think t-shirt material. The sizing runs small on these, so you may want to consider going up a size or two versus the t-shirts.

  • The pullover and zip-up hoodies are medium weight fleece, and is better suited for colder weather. The sizing is more “standard”, so you may want to consider going down one size versus the t-shirts.

I love these designs! I just wish the zombie ones were offered in the pullover option. They just fit me better as a woman over the zip-ups, though I haven’t tried the jersey yet, and think I will with one of these. Thanks for the info!

Man. Hoodies are so confusing. So many models. I know I’m fine with pullover hoodies. And I really love the GitD Vulpa Major on a ‘lightweight zip’ hoodie.

I know they’re ‘out of season’ at the moment, but I wanna make sure the name for those hasn’t changed.

I picked up Derpy Foxes recently on some other zip hoodie of some type, and it’s thicker than a tshirt and thinner than a pullover. I don’t even remember which type that one was supposed to be.

Dyslexia sucks. |3

It’s the medium-weight fleece type.
Playful Foxes Zip-Up Hoodie

Oh it’s here it’s here!!! My Christmas wish (and several others from yesterday)! I’m so happy Woot!

I can finally get the Snowman hoodie!!! happy dances

So did Lightweight become Jersey or is Jersey something new I haven’t purchased before? I haven’t seen “LW” for a while, so that may be what’s confusing me.

They’re new.

Yay, my wish has been granted! Just ordered the snowman hoodie. Thanks woot!!

Woot finally has a hoodie sale, and then, as usual, there aren’t any good* zip-ups!!!

*By my definition,that is. All other points of view are, of course, invalid…

Where can I find a list of all the hoodies they have to offer? Other than the 12

I bought the
and its thin (lightweight) and has so many holes from wear and tear.

Anyone know if the book club one is thicker?

Thickness of hoodies goes:
Regular Zip-Up/Pullover > Jersey > Light-Weight

Jersey is basically the thickness of tee here.

And to answer your other question- the only thing in the catalog are tees, hoodies will only be available in Plus sales, so there’s not much of a way to search them. Check out the Holiday Gift Guide and Wil Wheaton sale for a few other options.

THanks that does answer my question.

Thanks to both Narf and ADQ for providing important info.

Ha ha! My ex-sister-in-law threw out the Angry Day sweatshirt I gave my brother 2 years ago and now he’ll have another one for a happier Christmas. Foiled again!!

IS the ninja sweatshirt hoodie for adults or youth sizes?

These are adult sizes.

Anyone Else Unable To See The Images For The Book Club Hoodie? I’M Curious What The Front Looks Like.

Nope, I don’t see the photos either. I pinged the shirt peeps. Thanks for pointing it out.

UPDATE: We’ve got a make-shift pic up for the moment. We’ll get better ones up tomorrow. Thanks again!