Top 20 Shirts

“We keep selling out of our ‘all designs’ catalog, so we’re gonna take the 20 top sellers and give them a side sale so that we can sell even MORE ‘all designs’! :D”


No really, this was probably needed in order to keep the ‘all designs’ section from selling out in a few hours, haha.

If only Family Breakfast would be made into an apron. I’d be all over that!

Is this the lighter shirt for Nevermore? The one I have is so dark you can’t see the font. I’m so upset I don’t even wear it!


Didn’t help much; at least with the other shirts, as the catalog is sold out, already.
I think they need to change the limit on the catalog, too.

I sympathize, but the limit on the catalog is purely due to our ability to produce the digital prints.

I recall last year when the shipping backlog was noted as 26-28 business days before the catalog completely closed. These were orders in November, possibly destined to be under a tree somewhere, possibly not making it, and Woot still working the nuances of the new DTG printer.

Wishful Thinking recently cleared the top 20, but it looks like the sale list was settled before then.

I’d love to bite on some of these, but I’m tired of taking the risk on getting a digital print instead of screen. I have ordered “It’s A Trap!” 3 times, and gotten digital twice. I know that it’s technically the same image, but the color/clarity/size difference between the beautiful screened shirt and the crappy digital printed ones is just too much. I really appreciate Woot! bringing back old shirts and keeping the catalog open, but I’m honestly starting to think that the lower quality print just isn’t even worth it, and almost a disservice to some of these great designs.

But that’s just my opinion, and good luck and good purchasing to anyone buying today, or any day!

Just ordered Metro GI in honor of my gall bladder removal, wanted it for the hospital trip. The printing was fine, but the printing was HUGE compared to the print on my husband’s original shirt.

I’m so happy to see “Donut Panic” back on here. My original is worn and beyond wearable.

Shouldn’t the “Cake is a Liar” shirt be on there?