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I like the Unstealthiest Ninja II on a summer tank thought. Seems cooling.

Where oh where is the bake-it-so apron? :frowning:

Damn you woot, knowing my love of the unstealthy ninja

It would have been really nice if the My Little Ponies of the Apocalypse shirt could have been unisex! It is 2013 after all.

I want second the desire to have the Four Ponies of the Apocalypse be a unisex shirt. I usually order shirts with a 21" width, and the “Ladies tank” simply doesn’t go up that far. (the XL ladies tank is the equivalent of the Ladies Medium tshirt)

Additionally by the time I checked the page (around lunchtime) the two largest sizes were already sold out. So I couldn’t even go with the probably too tight option.

I feel like Inevitable Betrayal should be on an apron…I must have used its phrase a hundred times, directed towards my baking creations.

I agree, the Ladies Tank sizes are very depressing. I would like some unisex tank Apocalyptic ponies please!

I LOVE the ponies of the apocalypse tank top, thank you woot!

I haven’t bought a unisex tank top before … is someone able to tell me what the measurement on a large tshirt from the outside top of the armhole straight down to the bottom of the arm hole?? As a lady I am wondering if I will need to wear a shirt under this … I would also like to know the same on an XL. Thank you so very much!!

I don’t have a measurement handy, but I will say that the straps are LOOOOONG.

I was fine wearing it around the house, but to cover a bra I had to tie a knot at the top of the straps. I think it still looks cute and that solved the problem, but I don’t think the larger sizes were designed properly - they just scaled the shirt up.

Darn it woot! If they’re printed to order, how are you sold out of the large 4 ponies tank? ):<

Edit: Taking my chances with a medium. Maybe this will be the motivation I need to lose some weight. Though I don’t think I’ll lose 2 inches around the chest :stuck_out_tongue: