Top College Cuisine

That’s perfect back to school attire.

Aim for the top! What would we do without ramen?

It is important to remember that you can cook using most any appliance. A jar of noodles might take a little longer on a heated iron, but it will be cooked. Just remember not to put plastic cups on the iron! (Or the engine of your car, or the nice toasty fire pit you make out of your roommates’ books and materials).

This brings back some memories from childhood. Used to sneak uncooked ramen at night, break the hard noodles by crushing the bag, and shake up the flavor pack inside.

Hah, poverty flavor. You know it takes a double check to read that as “Top College” I automatically read “Top Ramen”. I’m sure it’s not just me.

I guess I never minded all the salt since I didn’t eat it all that much despite being a student. I had to stop eating it when I found out I can’t eat wheat. Any chances of a gluten free top ramen…yeah, didn’t think so.

Still you have to admit the ramen rainbow is kinda pretty. Not many food packages you can do this with.

As a student and single mother, I have suffered many recent days with ramen. From fellow students I have learned that there are actually many, many ways to make ramen taste better. Toss yesterdays left over meat and some cheese with them (if you were lucky enough to have meat yesterday). Toss some ramen on a taco shell and add hot sauce. The too little chip in the end of the bag are great in ramen. The list goes on and on.
Maybe they should sell ramen in 3rd world countries. Five packs of ramen and a loaf of bread for 2 bucks, may not be what you want but it will keep you alive.

This shirt makes me hungry.

Congratulations, freshmutton!!!
When I saw this in the derbie I was mesmerized.

Fantastic idea, perfect art and beautiful in its execution.


Now, let me think of three soon to be frosh to give it to!!

The nice thing about this shirt is that line in the middle forms a smile. The shirt is smiling at you. With a desperate, hungry smile.

Congrats on your 1st print, freshmutton!

Great shirt, very deserving winner. :^)

Try rice noodles instead (they should be available in larger supermarkets, or from Amazon’s grocery/gourmet foods section).

I almost want to buy this shirt, but… Maruchan is the same price but much better!

Thanks for the nice words everyone! It’s a real treat to have my design on a Woot shirt! A salty, carb-loaded treat!

I would so buy this if it was orange. Because everyone knows that chicken flavor ramen is the ish.

I would buy this. but, well… I have a Bachelors degree & am beyond flat-ass broke. I can’t even afford to buy Ramen right now. Good thing I stocked up previously. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d get one for my kid too, she loves Ramen (& it has to be Maruchan, not Nissin ~ she can tell the difference) Oh well, I’m slowly getting her trained. She’s still too young to understand that you buy what is on sale & not necessarily the brand name that you want.

Yummy! Tastes just like despair! :yum:

I agree all the way. Once I found maruchan I cant even look at Top Ramen anymore.

Yakisoba is also awesome.

Does anyone else see the irony in buying this shirt?

I do eat a lot of rice noodles, I’ve found several good brands. But just none of it is quite as easy to cook nor nearly as cheap as ramen. That’s what I miss.