Top Dawg Headphones and Dash Cameras

So, apparently the TDGPSCAM01 “TD GPS dash cam also has g-sensor technology which can deduct an impact or collision and will automatically record 20 seconds prior”

A time machine? Or magic.

Too bad Woot doesn’t ship to Russia.

Single Ear Stereo?? You keep using that word, I’m not sure it means what you think it means.

I purchased a camera recently that looks identical to the TDCAM01. It is very cheap feeling but everything seems to work quite well. The picture is very clear and I can easily make out most detail on the small screen.

My apologies in advance Woot workers if I offend yous guys. I know your only doing/posting what you were told to do.

“BONUS 8GB microSD”…pleaassse.

The camera can be bought on eBay for less and from high rated seller in the US. For example:

$50 minus shipping. Looking around you can find a top rated seller selling this for less.

And the “bonus” 8GB…um no. You need way more than that for 720p or 1080p for storage. Flash drives,(ie, SD cards) have a finite writable life. So the smaller the card the more writes you have to use and quickly shorten the life of the flash device. You also need a Class 10 SD card for smooth recording from a Reliable brand. For example:


So comparatively you get the same camera, save some money, and you get a MUCH better rated SD card.


It contains a microscopic razor blade that slices your ear drum in half and splits the auditory nerve, rewiring half to the other ear.

As you wish.

I think they mean if you’re already recording it automatically makes a special video clip and locks it somehow. At least that’s what I gathered from it.

Why is that too bad? Everyone in Russia already has a dash cam…

Caution, the use of these products may cause the driver to drive on the wrong side of the road.

I’m guessing it was supposed to have been “detect”? That would have made more sense with the way it’s worded. Most dash cams can detect an impact and then create a recording with X amount of time leading up to the impact as well as post-impact.

This does imply that the camera is always loop recording, which can easily wear out very cheap NAND flash.

I own the TDCAM01, and have to say that while it’s somewhat dependable, the picture quality leaves something to be desired. The lens on it isn’t very good. It does work pretty well at night and I’ve never had it die on me, but the picture is just junk. The mount is cheaply made, too. It likes to loosen while you’re driving.

If you’d like to see a sample, here’s one of the videos that it took: - YouTube

I think it’ll get the job done, but getting a plate number off of it will be nearly impossible. Also, the 720p setting on it doesn’t seem to change the quality any – it just uses the space up a bit faster on the card.

Not sure about the expensive ones but the drop-down screen one is sold under a variety of “manufacturers” as low as about $16. I had one for a while and the problems with it are too long to list here. The biggest issues are 1) terrible picture quality (at 720P, it’s just a BIG blurry picture that takes up huge amounts of drive space per file) and 2) U/I that Ken Jennings probably couldn’t figure out (despite extensive google-ing and focused button mashing, never was able to change the year to the current one).

There is an excellent comparison of dash cams over at the wirecutter.

Unfortunately they say that better can be had for less money.

However, take bad reviews here with a grain of salt. Dash cams are not really well established and amazon and other sellers are full of cheap knockoffs that look the same but work poorly.

What do people use these dash cams for? I’ve seen them on here before and am just curious why people buy them.

Univeral Heavy Duty Windshield Mount

I own the Top Dawg Electronics TDCAM01 Premium 720p DVR Dash Cam, sold under another name, same camera. I did a lot of research before I bought it and it works great, good picture, reliable. Sadly, there are knockoffs of this camera that sell for $17 and don’t work the same. I think WOOT is selling one of the good ones since is has removable battery and HDMI. The good ones come in a blue box. I use it because I have been in accidents not my fault and I would have loved video. It doubles as a home video camera.

Never heard of top dawg, but instantly made me think of those Big Dog! Shirts from the 90s…

Just sharing…

Top Dawg Electronics TDGPSCAM01 GPS 1080p DVR Dash Cam with BONUS 8GB microSD Card

^^ yeah that one. The design (and I suspect the internals) are almost exactly the same as a number of Chinese dashcams available on Overlord Amazon. I have one called the E-PRANCE…odd name aside, it looks almost exactly the same and has the same exact specs. So far, I am pretty happy with it! It has survived the summer heat well, and the 1080p video quality is indeed full HD, license plates are visible.

I imagine this one won’t be shipping straight from China (via Szechuan Post) and the entire box and documentation in Russian though. Do some research on where you can get this cheapest first, then take a look at the other model names and go from there. YMMV.

The stink is great on this one.

One-ear stereo.
Wrong-way driving.
Deducting impact.

I had one of the drop-down models, and it was permanently out of focus; I took it apart to see if I could adjust it, but no dice; it’s fixed in place, out of focus. Not even a screw-adjust. :frowning: Similar construction, different manufacturer (SainSpeed). Claimed to be 720P. I’m leery of that design now.