Top Dawg Headphones and Dash Cameras

So… not for nuthin’… But how, exactly,is it STEREO when it only has one earpiece?

I purchased the Top Dawg Prime Stereo Headset. It’s a great product. I was very surprised by the quality of audio and the ease of use for the price. The packaging is also pretty good which while irrelevant to technical product quality makes for a nice experience. I am very pleased with the purchase. I have used them in my car as both a hands-free communication device and for listening to music. In regards to hands-free communication; they are great, people have no problem hearing me. They even function reasonably well with Cortana on my Windows Phone. This is not trivial. They also hold up to about an hour of use each day without needing to be charged until the end of the week. My only complaint is that the ear cups are too small for me and the power on/off procedure could be easier or provide more feedback. Other than that, stellar product.

Does anyone have any input on their dashcams?

Upfront - this is not a recommendation for this particular model.

With that being said, I encourage everyone I know to purchase a dashcam. I got lucky and, on my second purchase (AZN), I received a cheap chinese / russian made model that worked as it should. It has been about a year and only the suction cup has failed (easy fix).

My advice – be extremely wary as to what you are purchasing. Usually the quality is overstated, the model is buggy, or other options (like the suction cup) are poorly made. Also, a lot of these have issues with different SD cards (ie. Classes, high speed etc.). I’ve only found one SD card that works flawlessly with mine.

I have been lucky with the model I have. If it were to fail at some point, I am, for certain, buying something that is not cheap (> $200). This thing brings more peace of mind than you could ever imagine. Driving without one now pushes anxiety to a new level.

With that being said, if you have $80+ that you’re willing to part with, buy this one or buy another one. I cannot recommend these things enough.

TL:DR; you need to buy a dashcam, but be wary, take reviews into account and try not to buy it because it’s “cheap.” You never know when you’ll need it, so it is worthless if it doesn’t work %100.

not the best reviews for the dual cam dash cam at amazon;

That camera’s going to come in real handy because, in the image used, THEY’RE DRIVING ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD!!!

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