Top Dawg

Same thing available on the mothership for $17 with free Prime shipping

For which product?

the GPS dash cam has terrible reviews on Amazon! i’ll pass!!

Uhhhh… which “thing” is that? There are several products. Could you provide a link?


The dash cam is listed as 720P but the description mentions a resolution of 720x480. Technically speaking, that is 480P, not 720P (should be 1280x720). Not sure which is incorrect.

The camera records at 720p, the built in screen is less than that. You need to export them to a computer or run the hdmi to a TV to watch them in the recorded resolution.

Ah, good point. I missed the mention of “screen” and apparently only focused on “recording” in that sentence of the description. Guess I shouldn’t jump to conclusions so early in the morning…

Ugh! Opened the ‘TDDCAM-01 720p Dash Cam’ up and followed the instructions for set-up. Gave me ‘Card Error’ on every boot and when I left it plugged in to my Jeeps dash power (and my laptop as well) it changed to ‘Please plug out card’. I’ll call their support line Monday, but an ‘out-of-the-box’ failure like this is really annoying. The lack of a decent FAQ and the reviews on Amazon are depressing…

Update - Contacted the manufacturer and they sent me a new SD card, so it started working although it still stops and starts indiscriminately (not sure if it is still using ‘motion-sensing’ even though that is turned off. Picture quality on my laptop is fine and I learned to set the zoom at x2.09 to be more ‘lifelike’ on playback.

Now, that ‘Heavy Duty’ phone holder lasted all of 2 months before it broke at the suction cup - and I had the phone holder resting on my dash, so it wasn’t a weight issue. Think I’ll just get a ‘GoPro’ camera refurb when this camera breaks and buy a good Arkon cell holder again.