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EFA’s may be good for you. That’s nice. Spamming this forum…or any forum on woot with threads for products from which you potentially profit is a no-no. So don’t.
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We need a mod here, please.

they should give you mod powers, lady poof. mod powers without the responsibility of policing wootoffs, especially.

I could just police EBW. But people would get mad at me and hurt my feelings.

we don’t abuse ms. name that much, do we?

No, but she’s usually torn about policing here. Wouldn’t want that job. If I was in a bad mood, it’d be “Off with their heads”; a good mood, “Oh, go ahead and post a picture of them screwing.”


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lady poof,

i think that’s standard for how the mods operate now anyway. it certainly seems to be the way the derby rejections work, anyway. you just have to go with your gut, and trust that the mod-lords chose wisely.

some modding is better than none.

if you’re drew barrymore, can i have your autograph?

Toast…but remember to put a break in strings that run off the page…

Gimma! Thank you for getting rid of that…person.

More than you abuse Tall.

For a day or till they create a …nevermind. :wink:



How is puppy?

ms. name,

i can’t speak for others, but i hope my abuse of you would be the same regardless of whether or not you are a mod. same goes for ms. girl.

Oh. I thought you weren’t speaking to me, since you didn’t return my message. :wink: oh, and

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, lol. I sent you a screenshot via e-mail that is in one piece.
Pup is good. I’m now have double-vision. Not nearly as fun as X-ray-vision.

OH, DT is the cover of Time Mag! Aug 4th issue.
On phone w/ GoDaddy. Later.

Great thread, lol. TY, serwitom. :stuck_out_tongue:

You think there’s anyone who hasn’t looked up Time Magazine trying to figure out who DT is? And if anyone did, would you tell me, please?

Dara Torres the olympic swimmer. She is Gimma’s friend.
Gimma told me about her when we first met, and then again, the day she was wearing her olympic jacket.
I, personally, think a black hole will open up and swallow up the universe, if I meet her. I might very well be her polar opposite!
I can swim one lap.
Never been better than toned in my entire life.
Then again, for the amount I exercise and eat…I’m really not that big at all.

Thank you. The world also needs people that play with rats and make other people smile.