Top Gun: Maverick Cobi build set

Apparently you can’t buy things or have them shipped in Illinois with the word Gun in the title or description. I tried buying this set because it seems like fun to build and display. Guns have nothing to do with the toy but the wording flags the servers that someone is buying gun online in Illinois and immediately blocks it. Maybe this can be fixed? I’m not trying to buy a gun on Woot!, just a building set.

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@lioncow Could you look at the list on this one too?

I think it’s this one.

Hi there, sorry for the trouble. You should be able to purchase it now, but let me know if there’s any trouble.

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That’s the one I was talking about, but it still says gun in both the specs and features, therefore I still can’t buy it in Illinois yet.

Alright, round 2… we took it out of the features, we’re trying to leave “Top Gun” in the specs so people know where it’s from. But if that still doesn’t work, please let us know. Sorry for the hassle!

Yeah. I understand that, but it still doesn’t work since it apparently thinks that there is a gun in the box. It must search every line for the word Gun and if it finds it, it automatically blocks the sale to Illinois. I know Illinois is cracking down on gun sales online, just like New York apparently is on knives.

It does say Top Gun: Maverick on the box in the picture. That should help people know what it is and not stop the sale to Illinois.

Okay, we removed all mention of guns from the listing- hopefully third time’s the charm.

It still says it can’t ship that item to Illinois. Maybe it thinks I’m trying to buy a hornet now? Sorry for all the trouble. This is almost as bad as last night’s cake pop maker debacle.

The mothership has the same description Woot! originally had and will let me get it. Idk what is going wrong but Woot! doesn’t want Illinoisans to buy it.

Maybe there is something in the code that makes the checkout thing it’s a gun, that or it’s the word hornet, or the word Gun in the picture?

I still can’t get it. I don’t know what it is now that it doesn’t like. It’s either still coded as gun or something else is keeping it from being shipped to Illinois.

Thanks for notifying me. We’re still looking into what else could be causing it - will let you know as soon as I hear more. Apologies for the inconvenience!

Thanks for trying. I’m still getting the same message every time I try to check out with it.

Thanks for trying, it still says it can’t ship to IL. If it’s not fixed before midnight, I’ll either get it on the mothership or put it in my list of other things like it to get someday on there or wait until Woot! gets it again.

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Sorry for the hassle - thanks for being so patient with us as we try to solve this problem.