Top Of The Muffin To You

'3 eggs, friendly." So that’s what makes this muffin so darn cheerful. Good to know ; )

SO much better than Muffin Top.

Top of the muffin, To You!!

Or bottom of the muffin, depending on how you look at it.

So muffins take their tops off while cupcakes take their bottoms off. Got it!

AAAAAAh! The muffin screams as it pulls it’s skull off! Oh god why did it think this was funny?

Everyone screams, they snap a photo. The internet adds a snappy phrase to the image that is posted. The muffin scrolls past it, still in the hospital after 10 hours of surgery.

The meme continues.

I’m sorry… I don’t like the stumps.

Starting the Biggest Lower competition at my college on Monday. This would have been perfect to wear to opening ceremony.

Wear this apron over your Nuuuuude! t-shirt.

This should be printed on a GREEN shirt! Then it would be cute for St. Patrick’s Day. Just my 2 cents…

A thoughtful Festivus present indead!

You buy your vinegar in BAGS?

I am going to need a family tree of all these cute food creatures-
How is Muffin related to cupcake?
Are the Guac ingredients related?
Is there a BROOD MOTHER???

Super cute Wences- Grats on being printed.


This episode was just on TV the other day.

First Day Sales: 281